December 22, 2012

This Saturday, Lunch Break will wish a birthday bash for a certified singing hampion and powerhouse singer Ms. Anja Aguilar celebrated her birthday. Dancers will surely have a treat watching her perform in a dance number while Nicole Andersson is one of the regular host of the noontime TV show Lunch Break on IBC 13.

Lucky contestants will also have a change to steal a romance as the birthday girls. Joining this week's celebration are the talented and good looking Viva stars like Shy Carlos, Giuliano and Janella Salvador.

As the Christmas season rolls in, Lunch Break introduced fun holiday-themed games such as HolyDay on Pasko Day, a present holiday contest that will challenge the mention gift items and Christmas song lyrics to their songs. Everyone's favorite Test Screen, also gets a holiday twist with Test Carolling.

Be sure to catch Lunch Break this Monday to Saturday, December 22, 12:00PM for another afternoon of fun and laughter only on IBC-13.

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