September 29, 2012

If a Little Big Star winner, a certified singing champion and powerhouse singer Anja Aguilar born to win when she final answer in Who Wants to be a Millionaire? this Saturday (September 29).

The singing champion was very future superstar all throughout the game and even serenaded the Millionaire with her beautiful voice in hopes of getting better offers. Can she charm and sing her way to the Final Answer? It may have been her time and destiny to win the talent-search Little Big Star on ABS-CBN, but is she is winner won a P2 million jackpot in a top-rating hit game show? Will Anja be the first ever millionaire this season?

Don’t miss Who Wants to be a Millionaire?, with Drew Arellano as host, this Saturday, September 29 at 6:00pm and Sunday at 7:30pm after PBA (AKTV) on IBC-13.

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