Balitaang Tapat 2010
Created by News5
Developed by News5
Directed by Irco Cornel
Presented by Carlo Marasigan
Anne Curtis
Zsa-Zsa Padilla
Joe Marasigan
Narrated by Joe Marasigan
Country of origin Philippines
Language(s) Filipino
Executive producer(s) Naomi Dayrit
Running time

120-minutes (Weekdays)

120-minutes (Weekends)
Original channel TV5
Picture format NTSC480i
First shown in April,5,2010-July,20,2014
Original airing Aksyon-Sa-Tanghali (July,21,2014-present)
Status Aksyon-Sa-Tanghali-Weekend (July,26,2014-present) now defunct afternoon newscast of TV5 produced by News5. The newscast is anchored by.Carlo Marasigan.Anne Curtis,Zsa-Zsa Padilla.Joe Marasigan.Itis-aired on every Monday-Sundays at exactly.12:00-2:00PM (PST).The newscast is known for its-segment-where-anchor Carlo Marasigan tries to solve community or government problems and other complains that are sent to them either via email or text messaging.In addition.Mel Sta. Maria (a legal counsel for Associated Broadcasting Company) was the segment host for Sabi ni Attorney, may K ka.However, unlike all other newscasts of News5, Balitaang Tapat focuses on crime and police reports (especially in Metro Manila), and national news stories come last.Balitaang Tapat stopped their simulcast over AksyonTV and Radyo5 and ceased airing altogether on July,20,2014.three-years-later, News5 returned to noontime newscasting with Aksyon-Sa-Tanghali-Weekend,with former Balitaang-Tapat anchor Carlo Marasigan and former Pilipinas-News Anne Curtis.Zsa-Zsa Padilla


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