Created by TV5
Presented by Carlo Marasigan
Anne Curtis
Jasmine Curtis
Joe Marasigan
Running time 120-minutes
Original channel TV5
Picture format NTSC (480i)
First shown in February,24,1992-April,4,2010
Original airing Balitaang-Tapat (April,5,2010-July,18,2014)
Status Balitaang-Tapat-Weekend (Aprl,10,2010-July,20,2014)
Big-News was the first ever newscast on Philippine television.It-was-the-noontime-news-broadcast of Associated Broadcasting Company in the Philippines.It-anchored-by.Carlo Marasigan.Anne Curtis,Jasmine Curtis.Joe Marasigan.Mondays-Sundays at 12:00-2:00pm.The show was originally first-aired in1962,and went off the air in.1972 due to martial law,and re-aired again in 1992-2010 as a revival and also as an English language newscast.On-April,12,2004,when the network reformatted most of its programs,Former ABS-CBN anchor Cherie Mercado replaced Mike Toledo and joined with Amelyn Veloso as a co-anchor and the newscast switched to Filipino in order to compete with the other networks newscasts.On-October,2,2006,the newscast exchanged timeslots with Sentro,the early-evening news program of the network.Mercado became the sole anchor of the program, and the length of the program was reduced to 120-minutes.On-April,4,2010,Saksi,Sentro,Sentro Saksi,last-aired its last episode to make way for Saksi ABC Headline Balita Aksyon-Sa-Tanghali Aksyon-Primetime and Saksi ABC Headline Balita



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