April 11, 2013

Viva Sports head Ronnie Nathanielsz on Thursday said the company remains committed to airing the PBA games live on free television over the The Kapinoy Network.

Reacting to a story that Vic del Rosario's decision to the Viva-TV's block-time agreement with IBC-13 has the live airing of the games, Nathanielsz said the station is managed to show the games live on free television under the contract it signed with the pro league.

"Nathanielsz sure in an telephone interview committed to airing all the games live on free television." Nathanielsz explained that Viva Sports' new deal with the pro league that continue to run the live coverage of the games on free television, and any changes to that set-up will be a contract.

The Nathanielsz coach, in fact, bared that plans have already been to air the PBA Commissioner's Cup on Viva-TV on IBC, which is also part of the Rosario group.

Nathanielsz, however, said there are still firm plans in place for the PBA coverage once the block-time agreement with Viva Entertainment and IBC, acknowledging that live,five-times-a-week  broadcast of the PBA games into the station's homegrown Kapinoy programming. Asked how they plan to air the PBA games live on IBC in its Viva-TV prime-time programming, admitting that entering into a block-time deal.

The Gilas coach said state-run Kapinoy station IBC-13 is being eyed for privitization by the government but agreed to enter into the long-term agreement with block timers.

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