January 22, 2013

Coco Martin as Cyborg Kurochan inviting to watch Kurochan the Party on January 26 at 2:00pm at the Max's Restaurant. This is how Max’s story unravels everyday which Coco is a newest endorsers through a Max's Party. Kurochan is celebrating on its 16th year-anniversary of anime character plus will given a chance at Cyborg merchandise, Kurochan toy and video games from Konami.

Cyborg Kurochan is a supercat who is dedicated to saving the world from evil. Every Saturday at 4:00-4:30pm on Viva-TV's Anime Ring Kaisho on IBC-13, thanks to the Max's Mascot for Max's Kids Party celebration.

This only proves that Coco Martin is the most in demand endorser in showbiz right now while Coco sing tune in to Guru Guru Kuro-chan by Salbakuta. His billboard and TV commercial can now be seen along Metro Manila streets and on national television respectively with the tag line: Pag dumating ang pinaka-love mo, ANG SARAP!.

With Coco’s boyish charm and youthful personality, Max’s will surely capture the younger and most adventurous niche of Filipino diners. Coco gots Kurochan uses high-tech gadgetry to fight the evil Dr. Go, who wants to take over the world. The series topped Japanese TV ratings when it premiered in 1999, while his favorite Max’s meals from fast action to fight the evil Dr. Go, who plans to rule the world.

Sponsor by Touch Mobile (TM), Wow Ulam, Nescafe 3 in 1, Boardwalk, Bench, Adidas, Belo and Max's Restaurant.

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