Cooking Kumares is a 10 minute Philippine morning Cooking show that airs on Associated Broadcasting Company (TV5). [1]


This is the story of four women bound together by friendship and food. They find solace in their togetherness and their love for food. Just like a delicious recipe, their individual flavors make for one delightful dish. Unlike any cooking show you have seen before, Cooking Kumares has a dash of drama and a pinch of comedy to create a mouthful of fun.

Cast and CharactersEdit

  • Regine Tolentino as Hannah Dizon
  • Tuesday Vargas as Yumi Gonzales
  • Mitchie Sison as Chef Bianca Reyes
  • Via Antonio as CJ Javellana


  1. Meet The Cooking Kumares retrieved via 05-03-2012

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