July 3, 2012

Good news to all the avid IBC-13 viewers and iDMZ 891 listeners for all Kapinoy with its official websit at as well as IBC fanpage from Facebook and Twitter account for the social media. Also from the IBC-13 merchandise store as the Kapinoy network showed upon purchasing from the IBC store, visitors they have made with cool and exciting merchandise items are now available in very affordable prices!

Price ListEdit

Items Items Price
IBC-13 Keychain 50.00
Mug 80.00
Notebook (as well as IBC programs to Notebook) 30.00
Notepad (50 sheets) 30.00
Sticker (as well as IBC programs to Sticker) 25.00
Ballpen 20.00
Coaster (6 pcs) 40.00
T-shirt (as well as IBC programs to T-shirt) 60.00
Toys (Mr. Pinoy, Ms. TV, RadioGirl, NewspaperBoy, Barney, Baby Bop and BJ) 30.00
Fan (as well as IBC programs to Fan) 20.00
Mouse Pad 70.00
Shopping Bag (as well as IBC programs to Shopping Bag) 20.00
iDMZ 891 Ballpen 20.00
Fan (as well as iDMZ 891 programs to Fan) 20.00
Notepad (50 sheets) 30.00
Keychain 40.00
Sticker (as well as iDMZ 891 programs to Sticker) 20.00
Coaster (6 pcs) 40.00
Mouse Pad 70.00
T-shirt (as well as iDMZ 891 programs to T-shirt) 60.00

All you have to do is go to the IBC-13 Office, IBC Compound, Broadcast City, Capitol Hills, Diliman, Quezon City. You can also contact us at 952-4002 local 100, with register by texting IBC to 8888 from Globe, the #1 in postpaid and look for Ms. Boots Anson-Roa.

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