DZOZ-FM, branded as Z 100, is a music FM radio station in the Philippines owned by ZOE Broadcasting Network, Inc. The station's studio is located at 22/F Strata 2000 Bldg, F. Ortigas Jr. Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig City, while the transmitter is located high above Metro Manila in Brgy. San Roque, Antipolo City. The 100,000 watt signal reaches all of Metro Manila and the surrounding provinces. The station plays the mix of Adult Contemporary and Adult Hits music, is a 24-hour operating station except Holy Week of each year where it signs-off at midnight of Maundy Thursday and lasts until 12 mn of Good Friday.


In November 2, 2008, when ZTV 33 is the newest and fastest-rising UHF interactive TV station to broadcast live on its debut since October 11, 2008, ZTV owned by ZOE Broadcasting Network launches the FM music radio station DZOZ-FM branded as Z 100.1, the newest FM station with the mixed format of Adult Contempoorary and Adult Hits from the 70s to the present, when Marc Gorospe assumed the Station Manager.

With ZTV 33 as the fledgling organization that was to rise in October 11, 2008, The network started recruiting both experienced and new employees and DJ's.



  • Jonathan "JJ Sparx" Jabson (the voice announcer of ZTV 33)
  • Myrene Academia
  • Diego Castillo
  • John Gregory
  • George Boone
  • Audry Dionisio of Gen Luna (NU 107)
  • Major Tom
  • Jimmy Jam


  • Morning Energy - Hosted by Major Tom; Monday to Saturday, 6am - 9am.
  • Cool Radio - Hosted by Mylene Academia; Monday to Saturday, 9am - 12nn.
  • Brunch at Noon - Hosted by Diego Castillo; Monday to Saturday, 12nn - 3pm.
  • Afternoon John - Hosted by John Gregory; Monday to Saturday, 3pm - 6pm.
  • The JJ Sparx Show - Hosted by Jonathan "JJ Sparx" Jabson, Monday to Friday, 6pm - 9pm.
  • Night by Request - Hosted by George Boone; Monday-Friday and Sunday, 9pm - 12mn, where listeners can call and ask for their requested song.
  • Saturday Classics - Classic hits from 70s, 80s and early 90s; Fridays, 12mn - Saturdays, 12mn.
  • Night at Andry - Hosted by Andry Dionisio; Saturday, 6pm - 9pm and Sunday, 7pm - 9pm.
  • Sunday Gold - Oldies music from the 50s to 70s; Sunday, 6am - 12nn.
  • 20 Hitlist - The 10 countdown of the hottest songs; every Sunday with the top 10 OPM songs aired from 12nn - 1pm with Major Tom and top 10 foreign songs aired from 6pm - 7pm and Jimmy Jam, respectively.


  • Z News 100 - Hourly newscast; Monday to Saturday, 6am - 6pm.

Z 100FM StationsEdit

Branding Callsign Frequency Power (kW) Station Type Coverage
Z 100.1 DZOZ-FM 100.1 MHz 100 kW Originating Metro Manila/Luzon-Wide Region
(with nationwide popularization propagation broadcast)
Z 100.2 DWOZ-FM 100.2 MHz 30 kw Originating Baguio
Z 100.8 DYOZ-FM 100.8 MHz 90 kW Originating Cebu/Visayas Region
Z 100.3 DXOZ-FM 100.3 MHz 20 kW Originating Davao/Mindanao Region

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