Danze Muzic Zone (DMZ)
Type Broadcast radio network
Country Philippines
Availability Metro Manila (before August 28, 2011)
Nationwide (since August 28, 2012)
Founded November 18, 1989 (as the 1st iteration of 89 DMZ)
July 1, 2011 (as the test broadcast of 89 DMZ)
August 28, 2011 (relaunched as iDMZ)
August 11, 2013 (as the 2nd iteration of 89 DMZ)
Slogan The Nation's #1 Danze Music Station
Sayaw Pinoy!
Headquarters Broadcast City, Capitol Hills, Diliman, Quezon City
Owner Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation
Key people Lopie de Guzman
Station Manager
Arthur Serzo
Program Director and the Head of 89 DMZ

DMZ (Danze Music Zone) is the FM radio network of Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation as the brand name of a dance music format heard on FM radio in the Philippines. Its studios are located at Broadcast City, Capitol Hills, Diliman, Quezon City, with four regional stations located throughout the Philippines. Its flagship station is DZMZ in Metro Manila, which has been rated as the nation's #1 dance music station in the FM radio ratings (from 1989-2001 and since 2011), according to the KBP's Radio Research Council Surveys.

The network's national and Manila programming originate from IBC's Manila Radio division, along with AM flagship station DZTV Radyo Budyong 1386; breakaway programming for DMZ's provincial stations is supplied under management of the company's IBC Regional division.


DMZ was launched on November 18, 1989 in Metro Manila via 89 DMZ (Danze Music Zone) as the network's brande namde of the flagship station and the FM radio station of IBC, which played dance, hip hop, OPM and other foreign songs, Hot AC, and remixed music, where Metro Manila is based. In February 25, 2001, IBC and Blockbuster Broadcasting System went into a government-sponsored bidding and Blockbuster Broadcasting System won the frequency rights as Wave 891 (callsign then changed to DWAV). However, the network still shares its transmission facilities of IBC until 2014 when it began transmitting from atop of Strata 2000.

In July 2011, Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation led by the chairman Eric Canoy took over the privatization and revitilization of the government and the management brought back long-time 89.1 MHZ frequency as the callsign was reverted back into the intial rebrand of the reacquired DZMZ radio station after its absence for 10 years as 89 DMZ made a comeback for a revival of the dance music station and launches the official website through live streaming via The station transferred and returned to of its current studio at Broadcast City in Quezon City (its home since 89 DMZ era). After getting access to 89.1 FM, IBC has been occupied one of FM radio frequencies in Mega Manila and other platforms of IBC Radio including AM and TV.

The test broadcast is for 9 weeks, it was temporarily playing automated dance music and remixed music, stingers and a teaser in July 1, 2011 in preparation for the formal launch. After one month and nine weeks, iDMZ 891 was relaunched on August 28, 2011, along with the company launched the brand of IBC's provincial FM stations in Baguio, Iloilo, Cebu and Davao, which made iDMZ a truly national brand.

Two years later, iDMZ 891 and its provincial stations in Baguio, Iloilo, Cebu and Davao underwent nationwide rebranding, as they were reverted and relaunched into the DMZ brand and the second interation as 89 DMZ (format would be 75% dance music and remixed music and 25% OPM) with a new logo and new jingle on August 11, 2013.



  • The Morning Danze with The Sting
  • Kaye D-Lyte
  • The Unbeatable Show
  • The Early Club (Metro Manila station only)
  • Drivetime Mix (Baguio, Cebu and Davao stations only)
  • Drivetime Zone (Iloilo station only)
  • Strictly Ballroom
  • Power Remix (Metro Manila, Baguio, Cebu and Davao stations only)
  • Pump D'Up Late (Iloilo station only)


  • Wave 24
  • Slow Jam
  • Mixes 101 (provincial stations only)
  • Be Heard!
  • The Hitlist (Metro Manila station only)
  • 30 Danze (Baguio, Cebu and Davao stations only)
  • Trackzone 30 (Iloilo station only)
  • Mobile Circuit
  • Bigfish Radio
  • Rockin' Manila
  • Back to the 80s n' early 90s (also a midnight for Metro Manila station only)
  • Baddest of the 90s n' 2K
  • Saturday Clubbing
  • The After Party (Baguio, Cebu and Davao stations only)
  • Party Midnight Club (Iloilo station only)


  • The Word (top of the hour local and foreign news absulized in a 2 minute update)
  • Pinoy-in-a-Raw (3 OPM hits played every hour)

DMZ Stations NationwideEdit

Branding Callsign Frequency Power (kW) Location
89 DMZ Manila DZMZ 89.5 MHz 25 kW (90 kW ERP) Metro Manila
89 DMZ Baguio DWMZ 89.1 MHz 20 kW (85 kW ERP) Baguio (Northern Luzon Region)
89 DMZ Iloilo DYNZ 89.1 MHz 10 kW (15 kW ERP) Iloilo (Panay Region)
103.5 Boracay FM DYBP 103.5 MHz 10 kW (15 kW ERP) Boracay
89 DMZ Cebu DYMZ 89.5 MHz 10 kW (10 kW ERP) Cebu (Central Visayas Region)
89 DMZ Davao DXMZ 89.3 MHz 10 kW (15 kW ERP) Davao (Southern Mindanao Region)

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