February 4, 2013

The Kapinoy network IBC-13, in partnership with iDMZ 891 launching its brand new shows.

Another first in the field of TV programming as the Kapinoy newtork IBC of producing the new original program, the Danze sa TV has given way to innovative and another level, or new dance craze, the history of FM radio. First issued yesterday (Monday), 3:30 pm, and airs Monday through Friday on IBC, the 30 minute Danze sa TV will feature a unique version of Sayaw Pinoy!, simulcast over iDMZ 891, via multi-split screens.

The modern twist in the field of FM radio and TV according to iDMZ 891 Program Director The King (DJ King Dabaon) is another ingenious effort of IBC and danze music for the viewers and listeners of iDMZ 891. "The more healed iDMZ 891, the #1 urban music and danze mix FM radio with cool surprises and bigger changes to put fun back into the airwaves, because he sees the airwaves today and wanting to give the Filipinos as the sounds they sould dare not miss, he added him.

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