Fall in Love Again is the 2012 Filipino romantic comedy film directed by Mac Alejandre starring Onemig Bondoc and Anja Aguilar released under Viva Films and Neo Films released on May 15, 2012.


Fall in Love Again around as Bob Aguinaldo (Onemig Bondoc) who works return to the actor of the Philippines made of the man with child Janet (Abby Bautista) has going to catch Carlo Rolando (Martin Escudero) who got at this time with his new sister Jessie Gonzalez (Anja Aguilar) is her sister Pearl (Shy Carlos) and Abby (Joanna Morales) for husband sisters for school. Doing well has the right place of Robert Goman (Eddie Garcia) and new boy Mello Prablo (Lucas Zamora).



The title of the movie is the song, Fall In Love Again released on May 4, 2012. The song was written by Vehnee Saturno and performed by Anja Aguilar renditioned the song for its soundtrack. The soundtrack album produced by Neo Films and distributed by Viva Records. The soundtrack also became the number 1 top-selling self-titled album in the Philippines.

  1. Fall In Love Again (music and lyrics by Vehnee Saturno) - Anja Aguilar
  2. One Sided Love (DDR) (electro pop) (music and lyrics by Marcus Davis) - Anja Aguilar
  3. Take Me To Your Heart (MLTR) (music and lyrics by Kean Cipriano) - Onemig Bondoc
  4. Never Gonna Let You Go (composed by Freddie Saturno) - Anja Aguilar
  5. Nasaan Ang Pangako Mo (composed by Vehnee Saturno) - Anja Aguilar
  6. When (music and lyrics by Vehnee Saturno) - Anja Aguilar
  7. Crush (Jennifer Paige) (disco pop) (music and lyrics by Sarah Geronimo) - Anja Aguilar
  8. Kahit Na (music and lyrics by Vehnee Saturno) - Anja Aguilar
  9. Beauty And Madness (Fra Lippo Lippi) (music and lyrics by Vehnee Saturano) - Onemig Bondoc
  10. I See the Light (Tangled) (ballad) (music and lyrics by Vehnee Saturno) - Anja Aguilar

Box Office GrossEdit

  • "Fall in Love Again" earned P180 million.


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