4 am – GMA Headline News

4:30am Saksi

5am – Mornings@GMA (LIVE) 

9 am – Sesame Street

9:30 am – Batibot

10 am – Kapwa Ko, Mahal Ko

10:30 am – Magnegosyo

11 am – GMA Headline News

11:30am Saksi

12 nn – Eat Bulaga! (LIVE)

3pm –S-Files

6pm – GMA Headline News


8 pm – Halik sa Apoy

8:30 pm -

Monday: Pinoy Blockbusters (until 9:30 pm)

Tuesday: MVP (until 9:30 pm)

Wednesday: 7:30 pm – Si Tsong, Si Tsang

8 pm – Growing Up

Thursday: 7:30 pm – 1 for 3

9 pm – GMA Telesine (until 8 pm)

Friday: GoBingo (until 9 pm)

9 pm -

Wednesday: Mikee

Friday: Bubble Gang

9:30 pm -

Monday: Campus Romance

Tuesday: Hiwalay Kung Hiwalay

Wednesday: Mikee

11:30pm–GMA Headline News

12:30am -Saksi

1:30mn – Monday: Firing Line

Tuesday: The Probe Team

Wednesday: Jay Sonza Laborcase

Thursday: Public Life with Randy David

Friday: Emergency


4am-GMA-Headline-News Sabado

4:30am Saksi Sabado

5am–Mornings@GMA Sabado (LIVE)

9am – Tipong Pinoy

9:30 am–TGIS

10am – Tales from the Cryptkeepers

11am-GMA Headline News Sabado

11:30am Saksi Sabado

12nn–Eat Bulaga! (LIVE)

3:00pm–Startalk (LIVE)

6:00pm–GMA Headline News Sabado

6:30pm Saksi Sabado

7pm –Brigada Siete

8pm-Wish Ko Lang!

9pm–Master Showman Presents (LIVE)

11:30pm– GMA Headline News Sabado

12:30am –Saksi


4:am GMA Headline News Linggo (LIVE)

4:30am Saksi Linggo (LIVE)

5:am Mornings @ GMA Linggo

7:am Ecclessia In Asia ang Misa

9 am – PG (Parent’s Guide)

10 am – Gameplan

10:30 am – Rugrats

11 am – GMA Headline News Linggo

11:30am Saksi Linggo

12 nn – SOP (LIVE)

3pm-Statalk (LIVE)

6pm-GMA Headline News Linggo

6:30pm Saksi Linggo

7pm – Partners: Jay Sonza Laborcase and Cecille Lardizabal (LIVE)7:15pm Partners Jay Sonza Laborcase

8:00 pm–SNBO: Sunday Night Box Office

10:30pm–Sunday Night Special

11:30pm – GMA Headline News Linggo

12:30 am – Saksi

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