GMA Network (Formerly Republic Broadcasting System Inc) is a Philippine radio and television network is headquarters at GMA Network Center Edsa Quezon City


Branding Logo Slogan Year
RBS GMA1961 Republic Broadcasting System 1961-1972
GMA GMA 1974 We're With You Cause It's Our Tomorrow Too! 1974-1977
GMA GMA 1978 Your Screen in '77 1977-1979
GMA GMA 1979 Where You Belong 1979-1992
GMA GMA 1979-1992 Where You Belong 1979
GMA GMA Miss Universal pagent Miss Universal 1981
GMA GMA Radio Television Arts 1975 Sharing You the World 1982-1992
GMA GMA Rainbow Satellite 1992 GMA Rainbow Satellite Network 1992-1995
GMA GMA 1995 1995-1998
GMA GMA 1998 1998-2002
GMA GMA current logo 2002-present

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