Hala, Andiyan si Johnny! is a Philippine late night society talk show broadcast by TV5. The show premiered on February 5, 2012 till Januar 26, 2013 with its main host Johnny Litton.

About the showEdit

The show premiered on February 5, 2012 as a result the replacement for Oh No, It's Johnny!. A dash of glitz, glamour and spicy gossip make up the recipe for the sizzling Hala, Andiyan si Johnny!.

The Philippines' David Letterman, Johnny Litton, whips up interesting encounters with top showbiz and political personalities while partner Amy Perez shares many hilarious do's and dont's in his own portion called "Amychat". The show introduced a new theme song is composed by Ryan Cayabyab and performed by Johnny Litton.


Main HostEdit

Segment HostEdit

Program PortionsEdit

  • Amychat - Explodes the inside operations of underground dealings.

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