Eric Canoy, chairman of Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation (IBC-13), announced a P770 million, a contracts entered into the partnership with Viva Entertainment headed by Boss Vic del Rosario, chairman and CEO of Viva Entertainment, radio-TV coverers of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) games since 1982, Canoy said Viva TV’s airtime would last on June 5, 2011. Under the partnership, priority will be given to the installation of a brand new Harris Transmitter, powerful 60-kilowatt transmitter and the refurbishing and upgrading of network stations and key provincial areas as a prelude to a nationwide link via satellite aimed at enhancing IBC-13’s competitive position. Viva-TV is the sports and entertainment programming with its top-rate box office hits, high-powered concerts, compelling TV series, awesome music videos, showbiz-oriented shows, Tagalog-dubbed foreign cartoons, foreign dramas and hard-hitting sports with your favorite Viva stars.

IBC-13 is now a No.3 station with GMA-7 and ABS-CBN, according to the AGB Nielsen TV Ratings.

Canoy described the partnership as “a beautiful relationship” emphasizing that the “technical qualification, professional and marketing expertise and financial support to Viva Entertainment will help revitalize IBC-13 which used to be the leading television network not so many years ago. Viva’s sister company, Viva-TV has recognition in the broadcast industry through its partnership with the Philippine Basketball Association.

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