July 2, 2012

IBC-13 added another milestone to its regional programming with the launch of Express Balita Ilonggo last July 18, 2012 during an exciting whole-day affair held in Iloilo City. The launching of the news program coincided with the official re-introduction of DYBQ Radyo Budyong 981 and the inauguration of the state-of-the-art IBC-12 Iloilo Studios at BOC Bldg., JM Basa corner Mapa Streets, Iloilo City.

An exiciting line-up of activities like a motorcade, a live concert and inaugural speeches by the newest anchor Bing-Bing Josue and Jun Arbolado and IBC-13 executives, were prepared to comemorate the event. The day culminated with the live premiere of Express Balita Ilonggo.

Broadcast live in the studio of IBC-12 Iloilo, the 30-minute program is anchored by local newscaster Jun Arbolado. Aired Mondays thru Fridays at 3:30 to 4:00 pm, the local Express Balita will feature the latest events in the Panay region. The installation of a ENG Van system makes the Iloilo broadcast studio capable of immediate satellite transmission for the delivery of the latest news. The station welcomed to the IBC News and Public Affairs, a news orginization which is a gathering of all the TV and radio news organizations of IBC in the provinces.

In line with the thrust of IBC Regional TV and Radio Network to further localize provincial programming, its stations in key cities nationwide also started producing their own editions of Express Balita. Express Balita Ilonggo is the latest addition to the growing list of regional editions of the popular journalism news program. Along with the various provinces are Express Balita Bisaya (IBC-13 Cebu), Express Balita Amianan (IBC-13 Baguio) and Express Balita Davaoeno (IBC-13 Davao) , all of which use the local dialects in their regions.

Aside from the local editions of Express Balita, the various regional stations are also producing their own news advisories and public service programs like Ikaw Kabuhi Ko. The need for these local news programs are becoming apparent as viewers in the regional areas are starting to crave for news outside of Metro Manila.

IBC chairman Eric Canoy said that "IBC has focused on elevating the provincial arena to the forefront of national events. Metro Manila is no longer the sole center of social and poliitcal issues. What happens in Panay today should be equally important to events unfolding in Manila."

According to plans are already underway to build-up the Cebu and Davao stations as the entertainment center of the Panay region. To be launched by next year is a live variety show and a public affairs program which will involve not only Panay but all of the regional TV and radio areas as well.

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