February 3, 2013

Sequestered broadcast firm Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation (IBC-13) is optimistic about its financial prospects in the coming months as the government pursues the privatization of the state-run media company.

This as IBC signed a new Kapinoy programming deal with Rosario-led company Viva Entertainment, Inc. that contracts will now airing the government-owned sequestered station as The Kapinoy Network will introducing the new primetime block Viva-TV from 5 p.m. to 12 midnight, which is the home to the popularly of a basketball tournaments for the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA), a radio-TV coverers the games.

Meanwhile, the phenomenal animated series Winx Club, a phenomenal Mexican telenovelas like Rosalinda and a Korean asianovelas like My Daughter the Flower that helped the broadcast network post a net income of P300 million last year in 2012. Also, a popular and top-rating phenomenal game shows like Who Wants to be a Millionaire with Drew Arellano and The Weakest Link with Richard Yap which is a million-peso prize and a popular talent search show for the contest called Born to be a Star hosted by a certified singing champion Anja Aguilar that viewers a singing star fans. Boots Anson-Roa, IBC president and CEO, told BusinessWorld that under the contract priority will be given to the installation of a brand new Harris Transmitter, powerful 60-kilowatt transmitter and the refurbishing and upgrading of network stations and key provincial areas as a prelude to a nationwide link via satellite aimed, the shows that aired partnership over Viva-TV will be on IBC's primetime block which used to be the leading television network and continue to airing on Viva Channel, the cable TV channel on Cignal Digital TV and Dream Satellite TV.

Based on media research group AGB Nielsen Media Research survey reports, IBC for the undisputed number 3 leadiong TV network behind the dominant television companies ABS-CBN and GMA Network.

"IBC will be a priemtime slot called Viva-TV from 2000 to 2003 and return on 2011 at present " Ms. del Rosario said in an interview. "Our Viva-TV programming will be exactly viewers see on the Kapinoy network IBC-13." She declined to how much the contract was worth, saying it amounted to "several millions of pesos." "We hope that will boost Channel 13’s ratings to be number 3 position, and eventually, will make IBC gain more TV viewerhip ratings to improve our audience share," she said recognition in the broadcast industry.

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