May 16, 2013

With the partnership contract with Viva Entertainment, IBC management in the primetime hours of Viva. In a national network, IBC should have been the Government’s communication arm realized that The Kapinoy Network continue to work at the industry and interested to purchase the mass media.

IBC-13 is capital dedicient (PHP-641.1 million as of CY 2011) and liabilities (PHP 1.274 billion, as of aforementioned CY). In scheduling, The Kapinoy Network shared its broadcast time (aside from Viva-TV) along with IBC Classics, classic tokusatsu and anime series, and Bro. Mike Velarde of El Shaddai Charismatic Community (the most popular and institutional program of the network).

Government ownership of IBC and RPN will private owner) The price of IBC is PHP 2.7 billion. Major commercial networks (ABS-CBN, TV5 and GMA) are now forbidden to own IBC in partnership with Viva Entertainment continue to interested to acquisition of chairman and CEO Vic del Rosario, Jr.

Despite of the net icome of IBC, Viva-TV programming remains a strong signal of Viva Communications, Inc.

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