March 30, 2013

Since the World Youth Day 2013 coverage to visit Pope Francis, the Kapinoy network IBC-13 thanked the viewers for watching the number 3 leading network, as Terence Khan announced to the voice-over of IBC which the voice-over featuring the World Youth Day Theme with the sponsors Purefoods, PLDT, McDonalds, SSS and Globe, featuring the past days IBC covered the Papal Visit to promote the sequestered TV-radio network.

Philippine government-owned sequestered and major television and radio station IBC-13 is the official television network of the World Youth Day 2013 in Mega Manila. Meanwhile, the government-owned television network People's Television Network (PTV) is the official TV network of the World Youth Day 2013.

The new IBC logo released last 2012 with the year-long 53rd anniversary celebration of the network started with the Hatol ng Bayan 2013 (with PTV) and The Pope in Manila (World Youth Day 2013 and Papal Visit) coverage, and the new Viva-TV programs on IBC, home to the NBA and PBA games along with a brand new Viva-TV shows: Esperanza, Sandy's Boyfriend, Dear Heart, Barbie, Winx Club, Cyborg Kurochan, Pop Pixie, Amor Bravio, Rosalinda, Palabra de Mujer, My Daughter the Fower, Shut Up Flower Boy Band, Petra's Panniest, game shows Who Wants to be a Millionaire, The Weakest Link and talent search Born to be a Star.

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