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Iskool Bukol
Genre Teen sitcom
School (High school)
Format Sitcom
Created by Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation
Mel Mendoza-del Rosario
Secarats Talent Management Services
Developed by Ginny Monteagudo-Ocampo
Written by Kay Conlu-Brondial
Mary Lhuvirizz Martin
Directed by Bert de Leon
Nilyano Retna
Starring Keith Cruz
Raisa Dayrit
Joyce Abestano
Opening theme Iskool Bukol theme song by Keith Cruz
Country of origin Philippines
Language(s) Filipino
No. of episodes n/a (airs Saturday)
Executive producer(s) Rowie Valencia
Lorna Feliciano
Secarats Talent Management Patty
Sam Fashion Collection
Producer(s) Mel Mendoza-del Rosario
Editor(s) Shyra Marie Joaquin
Location(s) Quezon City
Camera setup Multicamera setup
Running time 45 minutes
Saturday at 19:45 (PST)
Production company(s) IBC Comedy Unit
Secarats Talent Management Services
Original channel IBC
Picture format 1080i (HDTV)
Original run January 7, 2017 – present
Related shows Iskul Bukol (1977-1990)
Back to Iskul Bukol (1999-2000)
External links
Official Website

Iskool Bukol is a Philippine high school teen comedy produced by IBC and Secarats Talent Management Services every Saturday after Express Balita Weekend. The school-oriented sitcom inspired by Iskul Bukol, the longest-running primetime comedy sitcom in Philippine television history and the sequel Back to Iskul Bukol, both of which were directed by Bert de Leon. It is topbilled by Keith Cruz, Raisa Dayrit and Joyce Abestano. It premiered on January 7, 2017 on IBC, and worldwide on Global IBC.

Like the original sitcom, which centered on three characters, the high school teen sitcom centered on their lives of three high school classmate girls (Jenny and Anne Escalera and Kylie Ungasis) of the fictional Diliman High School.


Iskool Bukol centered on their lives of three high school classmate girls of the fictional Diliman High School: the ordinary high school teenager Jenny (Keith Cruz), an attractive and intelligent high school teenage girl Kylie (Raisa Dayrit) and the cute and sassy high school girl Anne (Joyce Abestano), who are achieve to study for subject.

Their academic high school friendship when Jenny's mother Leslie (Angelu de Leon) and Anne's father Anton (Bobby Andrews) are the Escalera family, while Kylie's father Luigi (Boom Labrusca) and her mother Maricar (Desiree del Valle) paired with Kylie as a high school teenager as they learn with Jenny and Anne in a valuable lesson despite the hilarious fun of friendship.

Jenny, Kylie and Anne meets Tito (Francis Magundayao), a popular classmate boy who paired with Jenny; Chester (Justin Ward), a high school teenage boy who deveops a crush with Anne; and Joey (Harold Rementilla), a boy who achieve to study with Kylie.

Cast and CharactersEdit

Main CastsEdit

  • Keith Cruz as Jenny Escalera - an ordinary high school teenager. Jenny is a teenager of Escalera sister as a high school classmate.
  • Raisa Dayrit as Kylie Ungasis - an attractive and intelligent high school teenage girl. The Escalera sisters often study on her during class.
  • Joyce Abestano as Anne Escalera - a cute and sassy high school girl. The other Escalera sister as a high school classmate. In the sitcom, she learned a crush on her bestfriend, Chester.

Supporting CastEdit

  • Angelu de Leon as Leslie Escalera - Jenny's mother.
  • Bobby Andrews as Anton Escalera - the husband of Leslie and Anne's father.
  • Boom Labrusca as Luigi Ungasis - Kylie's father.
  • Desiree del Valle as Maricar Ungasis - Kylie's mother.
  • Francis Magundayao as Joselito "Tito" Montero - Jenny's bestfriend.
  • Justin Ward as Chester Aquino - Tito's bestfriend and Anne's love interest.
  • Harold Rementilla as Josemari "Joey" Montero - Kylie's friend.
  • Nova Villa as Liwayway Gawgaw Tapia aka Lola Tapia - Tito and Joey's grandmother.
  • Erich Gonzales as Teacher Erich Mendoza - the teacher girl in Diliman High School. In the sitcom, she learned a crush on her youngest professor, Rude.
  • Mr. Fu as Principal Oscar - the principal in Diliman High School.
  • Alodia Gosiengfiao as Teacher Alodia Montenegro - the very nice teacher in Diliman High School.
  • Fred Lo as Rudolfo "Rude" Aquino - the good-looking but nerdy teacher, the foster brother of Chester and the youngest professor to teach at Diliman High School; later Teacher Erich's love interest.

Other Supporting CastEdit

  • Tess Antonio as Anita "Aning" Francia,- the cafeteria owner in Diliman High School.
  • Aldred Gatchalian as Alwyn Tejada - Aning’s assistant in Diliman High School.
  • Neil Coleta as Raffy Arellano - the coach in Diliman High School.
  • Patrisha Samson as Eula Umali - Anne's classmate/friend.
  • Dexie Daulat as Viviana "Bibeth" Ortega - Anne's classmate/friend.
  • Aries Ace Espanola as Jimmy Bautista - Chester's classmater/friend.
  • Miguel David as Dexter Romero - Chester's classmater/friend.

Guest CastsEdit


IBC president and CEO Boots Anson-Roa and Secarats owner and director Francisco Abuan, Jr. unveiled the concept of a school-oriented sitcom which particularly involve the high school education recommended by the curriculum of the Department of Education (DepEd), a responsible for the K–12 basic education.

During the trade launch of IBC on November 25, 2016 at the Bonifacio Global City Open Field in Taguig City, in celebration of its 40th anniversary of Iskul Bukol in 2017, IBC and Secarats unveiled the original 70s and 80s sitcom was returned and revived on IBC with a new title Iskool Bukol that will be turned into a high school teen comedy sitcom featuring the three high school characters. Composed of today's hottest female teen stars under Secarats Artist Group: the Runaway Princess Keith Cruz, the Comedienne Princess Raisa Dayrit and introducing Bida Best 2016 gorgeous second runner-up and the Teen Model Sweetheart Joyce Abestano, collectively known as KRJ.


Iskool Bukol marks the first sitcom of Keith Cruz in her second project after Glory Jane; the second project of Raisa Dayrit landed in her breakthrough role after Hulog ng Langit and the very first project of Bida Best 2016 gorgeous second runner-up Joyce Abestano in her major sitcom debut. The newly established trio of Keith, Raisa and Joyce (KRJ) created the primetime school-oriented sitcom. Francis Magundayao also landed in his very first primetime sitcom and his fifth project after the supporting role in 5 Girls and Daddy, the main role of Friends 4Ever, the supporting role in Princess Charm and another main role in Glory Jane, while Justin Ward also joined the sitcom and his second project after Glory Jane and the third project of Harold Rementilla after Hulog ng Langit and the host of the afternoon kiddie game show Fun House.

Original story conferenceEdit

On November 28, 2016 at Broadcast City, Captiol Hills, Diliman, Quezon City at 7:00pm, a story conference for Iskool Bukol was held with the original director Bert de Leon. They watched some clips of the original sitcom whose enjoyed watching the sitcom that they grew up in the 70s and 80s in order to regain with a teenage audience. The original concept of Iskul Bukol made a comeback and this time, not in Wanbol University, but now in a school-oriented teen sitcom will be set in Diliman High School.


The production began the first taping day with the pilot episode for the sitcom on November 30, 2016 in a studio set in Studio 5 of IBC in Broadcast City (for Escalera family (Keith, Joyce, Angelu, Bobby), Kylie family (Raisa, Desiree, Boom) and Montero family (Francis, Harold, Nova) with the academic set in Diliman High School as the public high school built for junior and senior level: one classroom with a school desks, library, bathroom, cafeteria and canteen. The academic setting of the high school teen sitcom in the Broadcast City compound (the high school is a yellow building with the same lettering and Philippine flag).


On December 29, 2016 at Rockwell Center in Makati City at 5:00pm, a press conference will be held for the introduction of the school-oriented teen sitcom. The media ask the members of the sitcom. The following media that published articles about Iskool Bukol are Manila Bulletin, The Philippine Star, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Sun Star,,, Starmometer, BusinessWorld,, Tempo, ShowbizNest, Malaya, Manila Standard Today, Abante Tonite, etc.

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