June 17, 2013

The country's Kapinoy Network in partnership with Viva Entertainment is set to definitely on the go to get the top spot in the TV ratings game.

IBC-13, the country's third leading network has been aggressively luring the best people in the industry to join, producing Kapinoy shows to compete head-to-head with those offerings of ABS-CBN and GMA is set to launch a new drama series on primetime. In fact, more veteran actors signed up for different shows in the network.

The network has already strings of hit shows on its belt with Who Wants to be a Millionaire, The Weakest Link, Born to be a Star, PBA, NBA and ONE FC. It has also produced several drama series which are already very much quality programming those produced by rival networks.

Now, Viva-IBC is bringing drama to a new level upon its teleserye. This is poised to be a new platform of drama production in Philippine television dominated by soap operas running for an average of 6 months to a year. The mini-serye is somewhat patterned with Mexican, Korean and Japanese drama serials, featuring a fast-paced storyline and stellar casting. This format has been attributed to the high quality of Korean and Mexican TV serials, since the quality of the story and execution can be well-attended by the production.

An All-Star Fantaserye on Primetime

A new fantaserye called My Family Xyriel, the fatasy star-studded drama will boast an all-star cast, top-billed by the network's primetime star Xyriel Manabat along with Candy Pangilinan, twins are Juan Carlos and Juan Miguel Urquico and Gerald Pegigan will have its acting debut on this fantaserye.

Romantic Teleserye

And according to our sources, the first teleserye will be entitled Safe in the Arms of Love, a romantic drama, starring award-winning actor Diether Ocampo and drama princess Cristine Reyes. The romantic teleserye will supporting Cogie Domingo, who has also signed in to work with a project with the network. Joanna Mae Morales is also said to be part of the romantic teleserye, providing more wattage to this high profile show. Watch out for IBC-13′s new shows that are expected to change in Philippine TV.

The teleserye My Family Xyriel and Safe in the Arms of Love will now join primetime, currently dominated the Kapamilya and Kapuso network with a huge hits.

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