This coming Saturday, October 1, IBC-13 unveils its newest showbiz-oriented program called CelebrityDATcom.

The one-hour show tackles the hottest showbiz issues lifestyle and sports features aside from showbiz news delivered by TJ Manotoc, Dolly Ann Carvajal, and Kathryn Bernardo; directed by Manny Castaneda.

To give a steady stream of entertainment updates, the Kapinoy Network will air CelebrityDATcom Up-To-Da-Minute, a series of one-minute interstitials that will air Mondays to Fridays in between IBC-13’s top programs.

The show promises to deliver the freshest news right when viewers will wants the entertainment buzz.

Catch the premiere of CelebrityDATcom on October 1, 9 am only here on IBC-13.

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