One of the newest and fastest-growing emerging commercial channels on Free TV, LIGHT NETWORK channel 33 was launched in March 2011 under the ownership and management of ZOE Broadcasting Network, Inc. It is the Philippines’ first and one-of-a-kind motivational and inspirational TV station that aims to help viewers achieve abundant living through effective, relevant, wholesome, powerhouse and timely TV programs that communicate hope. LIGHT NETWORK 33 is a UHF free-to-air channel but is also available through various↵cable operators nationwide such as Sky Cable Analog 5, Sky Cable Digital 161, Cignal 93, Global Destiny Cable 98 and Cable Link 77. LIGHT NETWORK shows could now be viewed through BUS TV, offering the widest coverage of bus route in↵Metro Manila with over 1 million commuters reached every month.

And LIGHT NETWORK is also available in multi-screen and livestream via,so that anyone in the world could watch Light Network whenever, wherever.

Program ProfileEdit

Pilipinas, Gising Ka Na Ba?Edit

Pilipinas, Gising Ka Na Ba?! is your source for the feel-good morning habit on Philippine television as this wholesome newsmagazine talk show brings you everything you need to know about current events, lifestyle, health and beauty tips, schools, sports, technology and relationships. This up to five-hour feel-good habit, airing everyday from Monday to Friday, 5:00 to 10:00am.

Pilipinas, Gising Ka Na Ba?! is your source for the latest news and updates as the feel-good daily television morning companion on Philippine television history as this wholesome and powerhouse newsmagazine program intertwines headliner news presentation with infotainment discussion by some of the country's celebrity bloggers, hottest stars and brightest pool of broadcast ever assembled for this format. This is a tele-magazine talk show that aims to provide viewers with a feel-good habit a different kind of menu among early morning programs. News events are presented in conversational manner making it more interesting to watch and listen to. Segments features an affordable deals from children's health, legal issues and everyday lifestyles are represented in a lighter approach that guarantees to educate, inform and inspire, as well as more appealing to the viewing public source.

The show also gives our trends and opportunities when everyone quick and easy grasp to the useful tips, schools and information about technology, gadgets, internet blogging, gimmicks, geeky stuff, traffic, home living, travel and tourism, lessons of education, elementary, health and beauty tips, restaurants, hotels, wellness, exercise and fitness, culture and arts, science, beauty salons, sports, business, agricultural, concerts, events and shows, interviews and many more. There is also a dose of showbiz and entertainment news buzz.

Light Network's morning newsmagazine talk show program, airing from 5-10am. Hosted by some of Philippines' celebrity bloggers and broadcast journalists, Vince Golangco from, Hannah Villasis from, Kirby Cristobal, Carlo Lorenzo, Francisco J. Colayco and Atty. Joji Alonso. Also seen in the most promising co-host are Joaqui Mendoza, Eula Caballero, Alfred Vargas, Nadine Lustre, Hajji Kaamiño, Liza Soberano, Benji Paras, Andre Paras, Janella Salvador, Ralph Obina, Meg Imperial and Pastor. Ru dela Torre who represents the Filipino teens. Dr. Willie Ong and Dra. Liza Ong also spice up the morning through delivering the health and medical issues in Doc Willie and Liza. Meanwhile, Mario Dumaual and Janella Salvador spice up your mornings thru throwback entertainment industry in Biyaheng Retro.

Ralf Rivas, Sheryl Hermosa, Czarinah Lusuegro, Ar Vargas, Rhema Penafor, Don Dulay, Phoebe Dela Cruz, Joash Ivan Bermejo and Jenna Serrano teamed up with ZOE-TV news team. The everyday showbiz people and entertainment buzz will also delivered by Kat Alano and KC Montero.

  • Special event coverage
  • Interviews of the organizers
  • News presentation News Light (5-10 minutes)
  • Segment bumpers "This program was brought to you by (your product)"
  • Live mentioning of program host to patronized your product closing credits
  • Magandang panggising sa umaga ang inyong paboritong pambansang feel-good morning ng bayan.
  • PILIPINAS GISING KA NA BA?, ang programa na gigising sa inyo na ibibigay sa inyo ang inyong tagapagbalita at pinakabagong balita sa umaga, sa trapiko, sa presyo ng bilihin, sa palengke, sa lagay ng panahon at magiging sa mga paborito ninyong artista ay malalaman ang latest na pangyayari maging sa pagluluto ay laman ng programa at marami pang iba may hahanapin ka pa ba sa umaga?
  • Dito ka na sa PILIPINAS GISING KA NA BA? MULA 5:00 ng umaga hanggang 10:00 ng umaga susundan ng ISUMBONG MO KAY TULFO ni Ramon Tulfo at susunod ang paborito niyong TINY KITCHEN.

Hosts (PGKNB Stars/Kaibigan)

  • Vince Golangco (from
  • Hannah Villasis (from
  • Kirby Cristobal
  • Atty. Joji Alonso
  • Carlo Lorenzo
  • Ptr. Ru dela Torre
  • Francisco J. Colayco
  • KC Montero
  • Kat Alano
  • Benji Paras
  • Nadine Lustre
  • Direk Noel
  • Eula Caballero
  • Ralph Obina
  • Alfred Vargas
  • Miguel Sarne
  • Janella Salvador
  • Hajji Kaamiño
  • Liza Soberano
  • Andre Paras
  • Shy Carlos
  • Josh Padilla
  • Meg Imperial
  • Mario Dumaual
  • Dr. Willie Ong
  • Dra. Liza Ong

ZOE-TV News Team

  • Ralf Rivas
  • Czarinah Lusuegro
  • Ron Dulay
  • Rhema Penafor
  • Ar Vargas
  • Phoebe dela Cruz
  • Joash Ivan Bermejo
  • Jenna Serrano


  • News Light - The flagship newscast that aims to deliver today's headlines, top stories, entertainment, updated, and information. Every 7:00am, 8:00am and 9:30am is anchored by the two of broadcast journalist Kirby Cristobal and Hannah Villasus gives the viewers of the latest news. News Light consist of national and local news, malacanang, business and economy news (Kalakalan) regional (Provincial Round Up), foreign (Global Round Up), foreign exchange, weather report (Weather Report), sports (Sprots Light) and entertainment news (E-Buzz)
    • Ulo Ng Mga Balita - Headlines and top stories
    • Inside Malacanang - Report from Malacanan
    • Kalakalan - Business and economy news
    • Provincial Round Up  - Regional news
    • Global Round Up - Foreign news
    • E-Buzz - Entertainment news
  • Weather Report - The latest news in weather report from discussing the PAGASA weather center.
  • Trip to Travel - Trip on the travel and guide living is host Vince and Hannah.
  • Mr. Palengke - Market price watch with Hajji Kaamiño.
  • Legal Forum - Legal issues where Atty. Joji Alonso takes on the latest discussion issues.
  • Pisobilities - Proper money management, spending, saving and planning hosted by Francisco J. Colayco about business and financial.
  • Doc Willie and Liza - A health and medical issues with Dr. Willie Ong and Dra. Liza Ong.
  • Iba Ito - A segment with host Alfred Vargas.
  • Cooltura - A cool of Filipino culture in the Philippines with Nadine.
  • Tech Morning - Who we talk about technology, gadgets, the internet blogging, gimmicks and other geeky stuff more around the world. With host Vince, Hannah and Janella.
  • Biyaheng Retro - Mario Dumaual and Janella Salvador offers viewers a look at famous personalities in the entertainment industry before and after their rise to fame.
  • Sports Light - Sports news around the world with Benjie Paras and Andre Paras.
  • Adventurista - Travelogue adventure with Carlo Lorenzo.
  • Coolinarya - Food features
  • Fashion - A new fashion style with host Janella Salvador shows its fashion.
  • School Buzz - School events and different schools around the Metro with Ptr. Ru dela Torre and Miguel Sarne.
  • E-Buzz - The dose of showbiz and entertainment news buzz is delivered with KC Montero and Kat Alano.
  • Fitness 101 - Health and fitness with Daniel Matsunaga with Vince and Hannah.

Isumbong Ko Kay Tulfo!Edit

This is a no-nonsense reality-based investigative, interactive radio-TV program that tackles current of the latest issues, airing from Monday through Friday from 10:00-11:30am hosted by the hard-hitting and broadcast journalist Ramon Tulfo. It is also a public service and news program wherein radio reporters on field are to bring in breaking news happening in the metro from time to time.

This is also heard on radio over DZIQ 990 kHz, DWIZ and DZJV 1458 kHz.


  • Ramon Tulfo

Light TV Special ForumEdit

The latest news, the latest issues and the latest press conference in one-hour live forum, Light TV Special Forum is your source of the latest addition to your favorite alternative Kaibigan programming of the #1 station in partnership with the Kapatid network TV5. Light TV Special Forum is hosted by a top celebrity bloggers Vince Golangco, teen actress Janella Salvador and Carlo Lorenzo from a latest news from News5 and InterAksyon with a technology and gimmicks. It will aimed to strictly speaking, hearing to make comments of the alternative discussion on Philippine TV history as integrity, credible and balanced responsible public service.


  • Vince Golangco (from
  • Hannah Villasis (from
  • Carlo Lorenzo

Forums (from your favorite Light TV stars)

  • Kata Inocencio
  • Bro. Eddie Villanueva
  • Dory Villanueva
  • Alex Tinsay
  • Cel de Guzman
  • Bishop Leo Alconga
  • Atty. Joji Alonso
  • Cong. Joel Villanueva


MusiKabataan has crossed over, as it is now part of the smash hit of smorgasbord of shows on Light TV. Let us provide you with an ambiance of entertainment as you enjoy your dinner with your new Kaibigan, the sporty Khalil Ramos, the boy next door Josh Padilla, the cutie high school from the teen star Janella Salvador, the easy-going Yassi Pressman, the cool and wacky and the silent sleek JM De Guzman. To display much of the artistic side of music, the very talented artists Anja Aguilar and Michael Pangilinan share their craft as they host MusiKabataan segments. This full-hour interactive show gives you a wide range of information from lifestyle, showbiz intrigues, vintage music, gadgets, technology, internet blogging, gimmicks, K-Pop hits, hip-hop and R&B, events, to state-of-the-art collection.

Music lovers from all over the world can send requests, thru phone call, email or text messages as this show features the latest favorite hits in the music industry both local and international.


  • JM de Guzman
  • Josh Padilla
  • Janella Salvador
  • Khalil Ramos
  • Yassi Pressman

Segment Hosts

  • Anja Aguilar
  • Michael Pangilinan


What is in the daily agenda of Juan de la Cruz? Adyenda, the flagship news program tackles all-encompassing subjects from public policies, politics, to issues on the environment, international relations and the arts from the latest news. Anchored by Secretary Joel Villanueva, Director-General of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), the news program is a two-time awardee of the Anak TV Seal Awards.


  • Joel Villanueva

Kami NamanEdit

An offbeat and unusual morning TV program, Kami Naman mixes live drama and newsmagazine format, truly a first in Philippine programming history. The show will also packs current issues with lifestyle, health, entertainment, schools, gimmicks and many more. Kami Naman, Light Network's newest morning show on Philippine television, is an off-the-wall cut beyond the usual morning TV routine.

Kami Naman's segments are the most of heavy drama who seen on early morning shows. It has frothy, light and the heart-warming tele-drama one would see and hear at daylight, which makes the show a unique approach to an avid viewer's sunrise habits. It's a feel-good show. Kami Naman is a whole new act from the all-the-light-and-heavy-drama-formal morning shows on TV, which makes it a definitely smart and bubbly infotainment to loosen the tightness come break of day. It's a perfect and breezy get-away to remove those morning hassles and perk up the smile in the lips.

KN's story revolves around a practical and typical Filipino family and in their day-to-day experiences. Accurate and actual up-to-date news and information shall be introduced on the latest issues. First in the Philippine media, the feel-good program is patterned as magazine light drama house setting and the segments featured in the show. The segments will be canned but the skits and dialogues of characters are delivered in the show live. With the experiences and versatility of the actors and actress of star-studded, the challenge here is how to make people yet maintain high integrity and credibility in bringing the latest information and news.

With KAMIN NAMAN, mornings will never be boring! Casts include teen star Janella Salvador, comedienne Brod Pete (aka Isko Salvador), Jun Urbano, Tart Carlos, Vivieka Ravanes, Alfred Vargas, Meg Imperial, Andre Paras, Sue Ramirez, Aldren Richards, and more.


  • Janella Salvador
  • Aldren Richards
  • Brod Pete (aka Isko Salvador)
  • Jun Urbano
  • Tart Carlos
  • Smokey Manaloto
  • Vivieka Ravanes
  • Josh Padilla
  • Meg Imperial
  • Kiko Ramos
  • Andre Paras
  • Sue Ramirez,
  • Alfred Vargas
  • Eula Caballero
  • Rico dela Paz
  • Kelly dela Cruz
  • Arvic Tan
  • Cara Eriguel
  • Victor Anastacio
  • Beatriz Saw
  • Martin del Rosario


  • KNN: Kami Naman News - the latest news and updates
  • Panahon Tayo Dito! - weather report
  • Kulturang Pinoy - a Filipino culture
  • FashMorning - fashion style
  • Techtable - technology, gadgets, internet blog, gimmicks and geeky stuff.
  • Jeep Jeep, Jeepney! - jeepney location
  • OK Dok - health, beauty and wellness and medical
  • Eskwelahan - different schools around the Metro
  • Chikatuhan - showbiz


An alternative entertainment that provides all access to Christian music scene. JAM is a musical variety show that aims to promote Christian artists and make Christian music viable to the mainstream.


  • VJ Jeff Lucas
  • VJ Carl Guevarra

Chika Mo, Chika Ako!Edit

Gossips and entertainment news from the grapevine are some of the few things Filipino who will enjoy to watch and discuss with friends and peers.

What concerns, what happens and what is in store with their television and movie idols are always awaited and anticipated. This program dished out the trend in local showbiz reporting fanfare to deliver an enlightening, factual, feel-good and uncompromising look into the showbiz world. Chika Mo, Chika Ako! teases, delivers, and reveals what our favorite stars are doing not only on-cam but also when they are away from the limelight.

Join the wacky gang of some of the country's well-known Showbiz Columnists as they reveal the inside scoop and the good side of showbiz personalities that fill our television and silver screens. So what are you waiting for, switch to this showbiz chikahan which makes a whole sense out of hearsays and gossips.


  • KC Montero
  • Say Alonzo
  • IC Mendoza

Rush TVEdit

A newsmagazine program that tackles the inspiring stories and the Jesus  is Lord (JIL) church events.


  • Vince Golangco (from
  • Liza Soberano
  • Miguel Sarne

New shows are coming at Light TV Network this 2013Edit

New shows are upcoming this 2013 in our fave program, Light TV 33 such as:

  • Sport ng Bayan to be hosted by Dennis Principe, from Sunday at 4:30pm, as a sports show packed up with filled of basketball, boxing, billiards, badminton, racing, motoring and much more.
  • Tambayan School to be hosted by KC Montero, Mojo Jojo and Paulo Avelino, directed by Mark Reyes, every Sunday at 4:00pm, as a school program.
  • Kalthan to be top-billed by Bryan Santos, Arvic Tan, Joseph Marco and Kobe Paras, every Sunday at 5:00pm, as a mystery-drama-horror series is directed by Joyce Bernal.
  • Bibliasa: Bibliya, Hamon Sa Inyo to be hosted by Say Alonzo, every Saturday at 10:00am, as a bible-based game show on quiz of contestants of P2 million.

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