The following is a list of television and radio stations owned by and affiliated with the Associated Broadcasting Company in the Philippines.

Television stationsEdit

Owned and Operated stationsEdit


Branding Callsign Ch. # Power (kW) ERP Station type Location
TV5 Manila DWET-TV TV-5 100 kW (1,000 watts ERP) Originating Metro Manila
TV5 Laoag
DWTE-TV TV-2 2.5 kW (15 kW ERP) Originating Laoag
TV5 Baguio
DZET-TV TV-28 1 kW Originating Baguio
TV5 Santiago
DWIX-TV TV-25 10 kW Originating Santiago City
TV5 Pampanga
DWJV-TV TV-40 1 kW Originating San Fernando, Pampanga
TV5 Baler, Aurora
D-7-ZU-TV TV-7 10 kW (20 kW ERP) Relay Baler, Aurora
TV5 Batangas
DZWX-TV TV-24 1 kW (11.3 kW) Originating Batangas
TV5 Olongapo
D-8-ZW-TV TV-8 12 kW (12.3 kW) Relay Olongapo
TV5 Zambales
D-2-ZV-TV TV-2 10 kW Relay Iba, Zambales
TV5 Palawan
DYAZ-TV TV-5 1 kW Originating Puerto Princesa
TV5 Iloilo
DYER-TV TV-46 10 kW (138.7 kW ERP) Originating Iloilo
TV5 Bacolod
DYTE-TV TV-32 1 kW (11.3 kW ERP) Originating Bacolod
TV5 Cebu
DYET-TV TV-21 1 kW Originating Cebu
TV5 Cagayan de Oro
DXTE-TV TV-21 1 kW (11.3 kW ERP) Originating Cagayan De Oro
TV5 Davao
DXET-TV TV-2 5 kW (31 kW ERP) Originating Davao
TV5 General Santos
DXER-TV TV-12 1 kW (6.3 kW ERP) Originating General Santos

TV5 affiliate stationsEdit

Branding Callsign Ch. # Power kW (ERP) Station Type Location Affiliate Name
PBN/TV5 Naga DZGB-TV TV-5 10 kW Affiliate Naga PBN Bicol
PBN/TV6 Legaspi DWGB-TV TV-6 1 kW Affiliate Legaspi PBN Bicol
PBN/TV11 Sorsogon DWCB-TV TV-11 1 kW Affiliate Sorsogon PBN Bicol
TV4 Leyte DYTS-TV TV-4 5 kW (20 kW ERP) Affiliate Tacloban BJDS Marketing
GBPI/TV11 Zamboanga DXGB-TV TV-11 5 kW (20 kW ERP) Affiliate Zamboanga Golden Broadcast Professionals, Inc. (GBPI)
SBS/TV8 Tandag DXLG-TV TV-8 4 kW Affiliate Tandag PEC Broadcasting Corporation
SBS/TV13 Butuan DXGL-TV TV-13 8 kW Affiliate Butuan PEC Broadcasting Corporation
SBS/TV10 Agusan Del Sur DXDP-TV TV-10 7 kW Affiliate San Francisco, Agusan del Sur PEC Broadcasting Corporation


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Branding Callsign Ch. # Power kW (ERP) Station Type Location (Transmitter Site)
AKTV-47 DWDZ-TV TV-47 100 kW Originating Metro Manila

Cable and satellite channels Edit


Cignal Digital TVEdit

International subsidiaries Edit

With selected cable TV stations and affiliates worldwide.

Radio stationsEdit

DWWW 774 Music AMEdit

Branding Callsign Frequency Power (kW) Location
DWWW 774 Music AM DWWW-AM 774khz 25,000 kW Metro Manila
DZMI 657 Music AM DZMI-AM 657khz 15,000 kW Santiago City
DYWW 1530 Music AM DYWW-AM 1530 khz 15,000 kW Cebu City
DXIG 1035 Music AM DXIG-AM 1035 khz 11,000 kW General Santos City

Radyo AlagadEdit

Branding Callsign Frequency Power (kW) Location
Radyo Alagad Manila DZAB-AM 684 kHz 50 kW Metro Manila
Radyo Alagad Baguio DWAB 650 kHz 10 kW Baguio City
Radyo Alagad Santiago DZES 1080 kHz 5 kW Santiago City
Radyo Alagad Cebu DYEO-AM 1346 kHz 10 kW Cebu City
Radyo Alagad Boracay DYBI 1268 kHz 1 kW Boracay
Radyo Alagad Davao DXBA-AM 1221 kHz 10 kW Davao City


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