These are nationwide coverage-reach TV and Radio stations of the Radio Philippines Network(ETC)

List of CNN Philippines stations and affiliatesEdit

Solar News Channel television stations[edit]Edit

Owned and operated stations[edit]Edit

Branding Callsign Ch. # Power (kW) Station Type Location (Transmitter site)
CNN Philippines TV-9 Manila DZKB-TV TV-9 50 kW (1,000 kW ERP) Originating Metro Manila
CNN Philippines TV-12 Baguio DZBS-TV TV-12 5 kW Originating Baguio
Solar News Channel TV-10 Iriga DWKI-TV TV-10 5 kW (39.48 kW ERP) Relay Iriga
Solar News Channel TV-8 Bacolod DYKB-TV TV-8 30 kW (50.48 kW ERP) Originating Bacolod
Solar News Channel TV-9 Cebu DYKC-TV TV-9 60 kW (295 kW ERP) Originating Cebu
Solar News Channel TV-5 Zamboanga DXXX-TV TV-5 5 kW (150,000 kW ERP) Originating Zamboanga
Solar News Channel TV-5 Cagayan De Oro* DXKO-TV TV-5 20 kW (250 kW ERP) Originating Cagayan De Oro
Solar News Channel TV-9 Davao DXWW-TV TV-9 40 kW (150,000 kW ERP) Originating Davao

List of RPN Radio Stations[edit]Edit

Radyo Ronda Stations[edit]Edit

Branding Callsign Frequency Power (kW) Location
Radyo Ronda Baguio DZBS 1368 kHz 2.5 kW Baguio
Radyo Ronda Batac DZRL 693 kHz 5 kW Batac
Radyo Ronda Tuguegarao DZTG 621 kHz 5 kW Tuguegarao
Radyo Ronda Iriga DZKI 1332 kHz 5 kW Iriga
Radyo Ronda Bacolod DYKB 1404 kHz 5 kW Bacolod
Radyo Ronda Cebu DYKC 675 kHz 5 kW Cebu
Radyo Ronda Zamboanga DXXX 1008 kHz 5 kW Zamboanga
Radyo Ronda Dipolog DXKD 1053 kHz 5 kW Dipolog
Radyo Ronda Pagadian DXKP 1377 kHz 5 kW Pagadian
Radyo Ronda Cagayan De Oro DXKO 1368 kHz 5 kW Cagayan De Oro
Radyo Ronda Davao DXKT 1071 kHz 5 kW Davao
Radyo Ronda General Santos DXDX 693 kHz 5 kW General Santos
Radyo Ronda Surigao DXKS 1080 kHz 5 kW Surigao

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