These are nationwide coverage-reach TV and Radio stations of the Nine Media Corporation (CNN Philippines)

List of CNN Philippines stations and affiliatesEdit

CNN Philippines television stations[edit]Edit

Owned and operated stations[edit]Edit

Branding Callsign Ch. # Power (kW) Station Type Location (Transmitter site)
CNN Philippines TV-21 Manila DWCP-LP TV-21 15 kW (300 kW ERP) Originating Metro Manila
CNN Philippines TV-24 Baguio DWCT-LP TV-24 1 kW Relay Baguio
CNN Philippines TV-26 Tarlac DZPT-LP TV-26 1 kW Affiliate (FBNNational) Tarlac
CNN Philippines TV-5 Puerto Princesa DYPJ-LP TV-5 1 kW Affiliate (DCG Radio-TV Network) Puerto Princesa
CNN Philippines TV-8 Bacolod DYLP-LP TV-5 1 kW (2.1 kW ERP) Relay Bacolod
CNN Philippines TV-9 Cebu DYCP-LP TV-6 1 kW (10.5 kW ERP) Relay Cebu
CNN Philippines TV-5 Cagayan De Oro DXCS-LP TV-5 1 kW Relay Cagayan De Oro
CNN Philippines TV-7 Davao DXSS-LP TV-7 1 kW (10.5 kW ERP) Relay Davao

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