VHF stationsEdit

Callsign Ch. # Owner Year
DZAA-TV TV-1 Philippines Kids TV 1 1992 as PTV1/1999 as Philippines Kids TV 1
DWWX-TV TV-2 ABS-CBN Corporation 1969 (Original Frequency was Channel 3 (ABS) from 1953 to 1969)
DWQH-TV TV-3 CN3/Cartoonito 3 1998 (Frequency use ABS from 1953-1969
DWGT-TV TV-4 People,s Television Network 1974 (Frequency use CBN from 1969 to 1972)
DWET-TV TV-5 Associated Broadcasting Company (TV5) 1962/1992/2008
DZBB-TV TV-7 GMA Network 1961
DZWB-TV TV-8 Wedding Broadcasting Corporation 2011
DZKB-TV TV-9 Radio Philippines Network 1969 (Frequency use CBN from 1958 to 1969)
DZOE-TV TV-11 GMA Network and ZOE Broadcasting Network 1998 (Frequency use MBC from 1960 to 1972)
DZRN-TV TV-12 Raven Broadcasting Corporation 2012
DZTV-TV TV-13 Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation 1961
DZNI-TV TV-14 Guadalupe Broadcasting Corporation 2012

UHF StationsEdit

Callsign Ch.# Owner Year
DZHB-TV TV-17 Home Broadcasting Corporation 2012
DWCP-TV TV-21 Southern Broadcasting Network 1992
DWAC-TV TV-23 ABS-CBN Corporation 1996
DZEC-TV TV-25 Eagle Broadcasting Corporation 1999
DZME-TV TV-28 Capitol Broadcasting Center 2012
DZRJ-TV TV-29 Rajah Broadcasting Network 1993
DWKC-TV TV-31 Radio Mindano Network 1993
DXAB-TV TV-32 Disney Channel Asia 2004
DZOZ-TV TV-33 ZOE Broadcasting Network 2006
DWAD-TV TV-40 Crusaders Broadcasting Systems 2011
DWNB-TV TV-41 Nation Broadcasting Corporation and Associated Broadcasting Company 2001
DZGP-TV TV-42 Philippine Global Broadcasting Corporation March 24, 2012
DWBM-TV TV-43 Mareco Broadcasting Network Inc. 2002
DWDZ-TV TV-47 Associated Broadcasting Company 1999
DZCE-TV TV-49 Christian Era Broadcasting Service 2005

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