Maganda Morning Pinoy! (lit. Good Morning Filipino!) is a morning show airing in the Philippines on ZTV 33. The show premiered on April 5, 2010 and airs every weekday mornings from 5:00-7:30am (PST).


The early morning show is hosted by Gemma Cruz Araneta, Alex Magno and Jun Obrero with Chito Alcid. A range of local and national news, features, weather, entertainment, public service, traffic live reports, market, price watch and consumer reports, varied features, arts and culture, interviews and live performances. The program provides an interactive venue for viewer's thoughts and options to be heard and shared with other viewers.


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  • Bwenamano - Top News and Stories of the Day
  • Panahon Ko To! - Weather Forecast (Janice Absin Catipay)
  • Trapikong Trapiko - Traffic Update (Jojo Demetilla)
  • Kamang-Anak Batas (Atty. Lorna Patajo-Kapunan)
  • Serbisyo sa Inyo - Public Service
  • Balita Umaga - Morning Newscast anchored by Gemma Cruz Araneta and Alex Magno. (6:00 and 7:00)
    • Ronda Ulat - Police Reports
    • Huli CCTV - CCTV Reports
    • Abroad Balita - Worldwide News
    • Probinsya - Provincial/Regional News
  • Chikahan - Showbiz News (Peter Ledesma)
  • Performornings - Live Performances featured artist and bands. (Gemma Cruz Araneta)
  • Jun Talakayan - One-on-One interview political personalities (Jun Obrero)
  • Lutong Umaga - Recipe of the Day

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