Manila Broadcasting Company is a radio and television network Owned by FJE Group of Companies The MBC studio headquarters are located at MBC Building Star City CCP Complex Pasay City




MBC SlogansEdit

DZRH sloganEdit

Branding Logo Slogan Year
DZRH DZRH 650 kHz Manila Radyo Headcock 1960-1972
DZRH Dzrh Kanunaunahan sa Pilipinas 1979-present
DZRH DZRH 666 khz 1990 No.1 1990-2001

Aksyon Radyo sloganEdit

Branding Logo Slogan Year
Aksyon Radyo Aksyon Radyo Ang Aksyon Radyo ng Bayan 1999

DZMB 90.7 SloganEdit

Branding Logo Slogan Year
90.7 DZMB 90.7 DZMB-FM 1975 Beautiful Music 1975-1994
90.7 DZMB DZMB-FM Love Radio 90.7 Love Radio 1994-1996
Love Radio 90.7 DZMB-FM Love Radio 90.7 DZMB 1997 The Station the Keeps 1996-2000
90.7 Love Radio Loveradio Natural/Kailangan Pa Bang Imemorize Yan 2000-2011
90.7 DZMB DZMB Ka Bisyo Ko 2011-2012
DZMB 90.7 DZMB-FM 90.7 new logo The Romance of the Life 2012-present

Easy Rock SloganEdit

Branding Logo Slogan Year
96.3 WRock 963WRock The Heart of the Lite Rock 2008-2009
96.3 Easy Rock 963Easyrock Just the Rite Rock 2009-present

Yes FM sloganEdit

Branding Logo Slogan Year
YES! FM YesFM The Great Hit Song Yesterday 1998-2003

Hot FM slogansEdit

Branding Logos Slogan Years
Hot FM Hot FM Network 1999 Hot ka na ba 1999-present

Radio stationsEdit

See List of Manila Broadcasting Company stations

External linksEdit

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