Fall in Love Again is the 2012 Filipino romantic comedy film directed by Wenn V. Deramas, starring AJ Muhlach and Nadine Lustre released under Viva Films and Viva Family Entertainment released on October 2, 2012. Lustre now having the box-office princess at the time which AJ and Nadine for the love team and lead stars of the movie. (this courtesy of Spongebob's Love That Squid and Spongebob's Arrgh!)


Main Cast

Supporting Cast

Cameo Roles


The My Sandy in a Boyfriend OST soundtrack was released under Vicor Music.

  1. Kailan Pa Ma'y Ikaw (Christian Bauista) (composed by Vehnee Saturno) - Nadine Lustre
  2. Tonight (FM Static) (music and lyrics by Kean Cipriano) - Carlo Lopez
  3. I Want to Break Free (composed by Princess Velasco) - Princess Velasco
  4. No Touch (Juan dela Cruz) (composed by Christian Martinez) - MMJ
  5. 4 in The Morning (Gwen Stefani) (composed by Sarah Geronimo) - Nadine Lustre
  6. Let it Roll (Flo Rida) (composed by Young JV) - Young JV
  7. My Girl, My Woman, My Friend (composed by Vehnee Saturno) - Nadine Lustre and AJ Muhlach
  8. Malay Mo (Lindsay Custodio) (composed by Vehnee Saturno) - Jodi Sta. Maria
  9. You Are (My Daddy) (composed by Vehnee Saturno) - Nadine Lustre
  10. Baka Sakali (composed by Vehnee Saturno) - Nadine Lustre and AJ Muhlach
  11. Kumusta Ka (Rocky Lazatin) (composed by Rey Valera) - Carlo Lopez
  12. Till It's Time (Carol Banawa) (composed by Christian Martinez) - Nadine Lustre

Box Office GrossEdit

  • "My Sandy in a Boyfriend" earned P190 million.


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