Net 25 is now the #1 most-watched UHF TV station as the Kabuhay network of Eagle Broadcasting Corporation. The station also has the radio stations like DZEC Radyo Agila 1062 kHz as the AM radio band and Pinas FM 95.5 as the #1 Pinoy music station.

From Eagle Broadcasting Corporation (EBC), a pioneering broadcast institution and one of the nation's top radio networks comes the newest UHF television station in the country, NET 25. Reinforcing EBC's national network of five AM stations and an FM station, NET 25 ushers in a new era in television programming.

Net 25 prides itself to be the first "Kabuhay" TV network that airs mostly local news and current affairs programs, information technology, family brand of high-quality entertainment in primetime television ideally suited for viewers of all ages, DW-TV Germany programs, children's programs, TeleRadyo programs from DZEC and action-packed sports dedicated to the growth and revolution of the new media era.

From children learning their ABC's to college students and professionals - everyone wants to be a little smarter. In the classroom or the workplace, being smarter has its obvious advantages. Net 25's market is focused and exact. With a potential viewership of 250,000 households of about 1.5 million televiewers, plus million more via carrying cable operators (Skycable-Channel 62; Destiny Cable-Channel 41; Home Cable-Channel 18; other cable operators), NET25 reaches pre-schoolers, students, families, professionals and business executives in Metro Manila, Bulacan, Bataan, Rizal, Cavite, Laguna, Batangas and Pampanga.



5 am - Masayang Umaga Po!
6 am - Pambansang Almusal (LIVE)
7:30 am - Agila Balita sa Umaga (LIVE) (simulcast over DZEC Radyo Agila 1062)
8 am - Sa Ganang Mamamayan (LIVE) (simulcast over DZEC Radyo Agila 1062)
9 am - Liwanagin Natin (LIVE) (simulcast over DZEC Radyo Agila 1062)
10 am - Taumbahay
11 am - EZ Shop
11:30 am - Agila Probinsiya (LIVE) (simulcast over DZEC Radyo Agila 1062)
12 nn - Agila Balita Alas Dose (LIVE) (simulcast over DZEC Radyo Agila 1062)
1 pm - Letters and Music (LIVE)
2 pm - ASEAN In Focus
2:30 pm -
Monday: Trabaho Ko' To
Tuesday: Finish Line
Wednesday: Itanyan ang Pagliligtas
Thursday: INC Vision
Friday: Pundasyon
3 pm -
Monday: INC & The Bible
Tuesday: Gabay sa Mabuting Asal
Wednesday: Landas ng Buhay
Thursday: Pasugo
Friday: INC Vision
3:30 pm -
Monday: Ang Iglesia Ni Cristo
Tuesday: CMV By Request
Thursday: Church News Kids Edition
Friday: INC Kids Corner
4 pm - Homework
4:30 pm - Piskante ng Bayan (LIVE) (simulcast over DZEC Radyo Agila 1062)
5:30 pm - Agila Probinsya (LIVE) (simulcast over DZEC Radyo Agila 1062)
6 pm - Mata ng Agila (LIVE) (simulcast over DZEC Radyo Agila 1062)
7 pm -
Mon, Wed & Fri: The Break Room
Tue & Thurs: FBA (LIVE)
7:30 pm - Responde (LIVE) (Mon, Wed Thurs)
8 pm -
Mon: In Case of Emergency
Wed: Aprub
Fri: Patakaran
9 pm - Love on a Rooftop (Korean drama)
9:30 pm - World Report (LIVE)
10 pm 
Monday: Paninindigan
Tuesday: Ang Iglesia Ni Cristo
Wednesday: Ang Tamang Daan
Thursday: Ang Pagbubunyag
Friday: The Message USA
10:30 pm -
Monday: Itanyag ang Pagliligtas
Tuesday: Hash Tag
Wednesday: Pundasyon
Thursday: Word of Truth
Friday: El Mensaje
11 pm to 12 mn - Letters and Music (replay)


5 am - CMV By Request
5:30 am - Itanyag ang Pagliligtas
6 am - Hash Tag
6:30 am - Ang Tamang Daan
7 am - Gabay sa Mabuting Asal
7:30 am - Executive News
8 am - Math Magaling
8:30 am - WordHub
9 am - Landmarks (replay)
10 am - Japan Hour (NHK)
12 nn - Between the Lions
12:30 pm - The New Adventures of Ocean Girl
1 pm - EZ Shop
2 pm - ASEAN In Focus Weekend
3 pm - Executive News
3:30 pm - INCinema
4 pm - Urban Peasant
4:30 pm - Ten-4 Para Sa Pilipino
5 pm - Bits N Pieces
5:30 pm - Tribe
6 pm - Moments
7 pm - Mata ng Agila Weekend (LIVE) (simulcast over DZEC Radyo Agila 1062)
7:30 pm - Convergence
8 pm - Bundesliga Kick Off!
8:30 pm - Hapi ang Buhay
9:30 pm - Diskusyon
10:30 pm - Ang Pagbubunyag
11 pm to 12 mn - Mata ng Agila Weekend (replay)


5 am - Gabay sa Mabuting Asal
5:30 am - Finishline
6 am - Pasugo
6:30 am - Taga Rito Kami
7 am - Church News
7:30 am - Executive News
8 am - Math Magaling
8:30 am - WorldHub
9 am - Bits N Pieces
9:30 am - Between the Lions
10 am - The New Adventures of Ocean Girl
10:30 am - In Good Shape
11 am - FBA
12:30 pm - Kick Off
1 pm - EZ Shop
2 pm - Moments (replay)
3 pm - Executive News
3:30 pm - Church News
4 pm - PEP News
5 pm - Eagle News Team Special Report
6 pm - Landmarks
7 pm - Mata ng Agila Weekend (LIVE) (simulcast over DZEC Radyo Agila 1062)
7:30 pm - MTRCB Uncut
8:30 pm - Sessions on 25th Street
9:30 pm - Hapi ang Buhay (replay)
10:30 pm - INC International Edition
11 pm to 12 mn - ASEAN In Focus (replay)

Note: Plus with Eagle News Update every hour from 10 am-3 pm and 5 pm everyday. Net 25 also airs the live special coverage such as SONA, election coverage from Desisyon ng Bayan and many more.

Net 25 TalentsEdit

  • Eden Suarez (Pambansang Almusal)
  • Marvic Trinidad (Pambansang Almusal)
  • Gen Subardiaga (Pambansang Almusal, Sa Ganang Mamamayan)
  • Tami De Leon (Eagle News Update)
  • Leo Obligar (Piskante Ng Bayan)
  • Ellaine Fuentes (Aprub: Gawin Natin 'To)
  • Onin Miranda (Agila Balita Alas Dose, Responde, Mata ng Agila Weekend)
  • Gel Miranda (Mata ng Agila Weekend)
  • Ely Saludar (Mata ng Agila)
  • Weng dela Fuente (Mata ng Agila)
  • Julie Fernando (Taumbahay)
  • Mylene Mariano-Rivera (Taumbahay)
  • Pepito Guerrero (Agila Balita Alas Dose)
  • Pepito Zamora (Agila Balita Alas Kwatro)
  • Alma Angeles (ASEAN in Focus, World Report)
  • Sam Cepeda (World Report)
  • Neah Mangawang (ASEAN in Focus)
  • Arlyn dela Cruz (Responde)
  • Ka Totoy Talastas (Liwanagin Natin)
  • Janice De Belen (Spoon)
  • Nikki Veron Cruz (Convergence)
  • Jennifer Barillo (Letters and Music)
  • Aizel (Letters and Music)
  • Charo Gregorio (Letters and Music)
  • Kyle Nofuente (Convergence)
  • Gladys Reyes (Moments)
  • CHinoy TV host (Chinoy TV)
  • Faye de Castro (Landmarks)
  • Christopher Wong (Convergence)
  • John Stevenson Tabangay (Hapi ang Buhay)
  • Edward Flores (Hapi ang Buhay)
  • Erbil Escaño (Hapi ang Buhay)
  • Wilson Tapalla (Hapi ang Buhay)
  • Dennis Garcia (Hapi ang Buhay)
  • Gabriel Puno (Hapi ang Buhay)
  • Ernie Magtuto (Sessions on 25th Street)

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