New Generation (also known as JMNTC New Generation) is a youth-oriented talent and variety show that is airing at ZTV 33 every Saturday at 4:30pm.

About the showEdit

NEW GENERATION is a youth-oriented talent and variety show that is airing at ZTV 33 that premiered on December 20, 2008 hosted by Hajji Kaamiño.

This show is engaged in discovering and casting talents for Print Ads, TV Commercials, Image Models, Radio Guestings, TV Series and Sitcoms, Movie, Stage Actors and Actresses, Singers and Dancers.

Different group of kids and teens are joined together to perform their well-rehearsed production number. Each episode, the talents are preparing their bible verse that he/she will recite after the opening number.

The show was created by Direk Noel Paronda, a former assistant director of That's Entertainment. The talents in this show undergo with the audition and workshops. New Generation is for talented kids and teens who wants to enter the entertainment industry.

It specializes in drama, acting, singing, dancing and personality development. With the help of JMNTC Talent Center Radio and TV Productions, talents are enhanced to develop their creative imagination and help them learn the basic introduction in theatrical arts and social responsibilities.



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