New Voices CNN Philippines NewsEdit

  • 07:00am-Headline News.(voiced by Carlo Marasigan)
  • 12:00pm-Newsroom (voiced by Bong Aportadera and Joe Marasigan)
  • 01:00pm-Cebuano News (voiced by Joe Marasigan)
  • 01:30pm-Kapampangan News (voiced by Joe Marasigan)
  • 06:00pm-Saksi-CNN-Headline-Balita (voiced by Joe Marasigan)
  • 07:00pm-24-Oras-Primetime-Edition (voiced by Joe Marasigan)
  • 09:30pm-24-Oras-Evening-Edition (voiced by Joe Marasigan)
  • 10:30pm-Saksi-Liga ng Katotohanan (voiced by Joe Marasigan)
  • 10:30pm-Network News (voiced by Joe Marasigan)
  • 11:00pm-Nightly News (voiced by Peter Musngi)

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