News Team 13
Also known as Logo used since September 30, 2013.
Format Newscast
Live action
Citizen journalism
Created by Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation
Developed by IBC News and Current Affairs
Directed by Ellen "Renz" Argano
Presented by Jay Sonza
Amelyn Veloso
Atty. Zorah Andam
Theme music composer Jimmy Antiporda
Country of origin Philippines
Language(s) Filipino
No. of episodes n/a (airs daily)
Executive producer(s) Kathleen Jean Forbes
Gina P. Borinaga (News Manager)
Location(s) IBC Newscenter
Broadcast City, Quezon City
Camera setup Multicamera setup
Running time 30 minutes
Original channel IBC
Picture format 480i SDTV
Audio format Mono
Original run August 8, 2011 – present
Preceded by IBC News Tonight (2002-2011)
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Official Website

News Team 13 is the flagship late night news program of IBC in the Philippines. The newscast is anchored by Jay Sonza, Amelyn Veloso and Atty. Zorah Andam. It is aired from Monday to Friday from 11:00 p.m. to 11:30 p.m. (PST) (after Showbiz Unlimited). It can be heard simultaneously on radio through DZTV Radyo Budyong 1386 in Mega Manila, its television counterpart DZTV TeleTrese, IBC News Network and its provincial radio stations based in Iloilo, Roxas and Kalibo, Aklan, with several Radyo Budyong stations nationwide. It is also broadcast overseas via IBC's international brand, Global IBC and INN International.

Airing historyEdit

2011–2012: Eigenmann eraEdit

News Team 13 premiered on August 8, 2011, as the replacement for IBC News Tonight. Cathy Eigenmann was the first anchor after the former IBC News Tonight. The international broadcasts in 2011 through Global IBC,

2012–2013: Sonza eraEdit

On July 2, 2012, IBC unveiled the return of veteran broadcaster Jay Sonza after 2 year hiatus (with UNTV from 2004 to 2010 as the station manager). Sonza became the new anchor of News Team 13, replacing Eigenmann. At the same night, Sonza is sitting on a newsdesk. News Team 13 broadcasting worldwide over Global IBC and the live web streaming on its official webpage, and started its simulcast on IBC News Network at the same time.

2013–2016: Sonza and Veloso eraEdit

On September 30, 2013, Amelyn Veloso from TV5 joined as the new co-anchor of Sonza. Veloso marked her return to IBC after 13 years when she anchored on the defunct late-night English newscast CTN Midnite from 1997 to 1998. The same night, six weeks after the newly-revamped of Express Balita updated its new OBB and new graphics design, News Team 13 updated for a new set of IBC news center and new graphics design. Since then, Sonza and Veloso began to stand the news delivery before the reporters begin. After the reporters, both of them will be sitting on the newsdesk, after commercial breaks, Sonza is a stand-up anchor and Veloso is a sit-in anchor, and also after commercial breaks, they also sitting for the newsdesk. On March 7, 2016, Express Balita and News Team 13 revamped its opening billboards, graphics and ticker; while the logos for both programs remained the same, the logos were presented in a 3D-like format. Also, it coincided the 5th anniversary of the late-night newscast in August 8, 2016.

2017–present: Sonza, Veloso and Andam eraEdit

On December 28, 2016, IBC announced the return of Atty. Zorah Andam as the third anchor and female co-anchor of News Team 13 as she joined Jay Sonza and Amelyn Veloso on January 2, 2017. Andam marked her return to IBC after 5 tears when she anchored on the defunct late-night newscast IBC News Tonight from 2009 to 2011. The reformat introduced some major revamp in the opening billboard and title card.


Current anchorsEdit

Segment anchorsEdit

Former anchorsEdit

Substitute anchors


  • Tapatan (July 2, 2012–present) - Veteran broadcaster and news anchorman Jay Sonza delivers the burning issue of the day as a combination of tele-symposium and public debate, opposing views of an issue come face-to-face with well-known personalities delivered as a frontliners and their supporters behind them.
  • Global Round Up - Foreign News
  • Seeing Stars - Entertainment news featuring the local entertainment scene with the stars of movie and TV industry.
  • Sports Page - Sports news featuring the results of the PBA every Saturday and Sunday.
  • IBC Weather Center - Weather Forecast
  • Coolinarya - Food Features
  • Cooltura - Culture
  • Sponta-News - Events and places
  • Pananaw: Special Report - Special Report

Awards and recognitionsEdit

Eastern Visayas State University Students Choice Mass Media AwardsEdit

  • 2nd Eastern Visayas State University Students Choice Mass Media Awards (Best News Program) - Won

PMPC Star Awards for TelevisionEdit

Mabini Media AwardsEdit

  • 2014 Winner, Best Television Male News Program Anchor (Amelyn Veloso)

Gawad Tanglaw AwardsEdit

  • 2016 14th Gawad Tanglaw Awards (Best Male Anchor) - Won (Jay Sonza)
  • 2014 12th Gawad Tanglaw Awards (Best News Program Anchors) - Won (Jay Sonza)
  • 2013 11th Gawad Tanglaw Awards (Best News Program Anchors) - Won (Jay Sonza)
  • 2013 11th Gawad Tanglaw Awards (Best News Program) - Won

KBP Golden Dove AwardsEdit

  • 2016 24th KBP Golden Dove Awards (Best TV Male Newscaster) - Won (Jay Sonza)
  • 2016 24th KBP Golden Dove Awards (Best TV Newscast) - Nominated
  • 2013 21st KBP Golden Dove Awards (Best TV Male Newscaster) - Won (Jay Sonza)
  • 2012 KBP Golden Dove Awards (Best News Program) - Won

Catholic Mass Media Awards (CMMA)Edit

  • 38th Catholic Mass Media Awards (Outstanding News Programs) - Won
  • 34th Catholic Mass Media Awards (Outstanding News Programs) - Won

USTv Students Choice AwardsEdit

  • 9th USTv Students Choice Awards (Male News Anchors) - Won (Jay Sonza)
  • 9th USTv Students Choice Awards (Student's Choice of Local Newscast) - Won
  • 8th USTv Students Choice Awards (Student's Choice of Local Newscast) - Won


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