April 1, 2013

Filipino sports, news and public affairs and educational are delivered daily from PTV America on the DISH Network Channel 714. Telebisyon ng Bayan will get great access to coverage of the UAAP for the university basketball games, billiards, boxing, F1 racing, motoring and so much more!

PTV America is the definitive Filipino news and sports television network. Teamed up with the official television network of the Philippines, PTV America provides unfettered news and public affairs will direct access to the key movers and shakers. PTV America is the home of the University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP). The network airs each and every game in its entirety and also airs some of the all time UAAP games. Along with the UAAP, the network airs amateur boxing, auto racing, diving and other local Filipino sports.

PTV AmericaEdit

Looking for your regular fix of Filipino news and sports? PTV America moves ahead by going beyond soundbites and headlines as you get the full stories with unbiased and unsensationalized news reports and current affairs programs, as it also brings you action-packed sports that bring out our Pinoy pride. PTV America will also give you a glimpse of our lasting and unparalleled heritage with PTV’s long-running arts and culture shows. With 10 daily news programs, PTV America is truly your window to the Philippines.

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