In this episode, Sarah, JC, John Lloyd and Anja goes to Angeles City Restaurants, Pampanga City.


After seeing Marvin praise Anja as being sophisticated, Sarah decides to invite him, John Lloyd and Nadine for some fine dining at Chez Paris so she can show Marvin her more sophisticated side. At dinner things go according to plan until the check arrives and she realizes her coupon is for a free dinner at Chez Pierre, a different restaurant. In an attempt to stall for time, Sarah orders more food, running up the tab well after everyone's had their fill.

Desperate she calls Jasmine, asking her to deliver a box of cockroaches to the restaurant. When the roaches are unleashed in the restaurant, Sarah finally finds her way out of paying the bill. On their way home Marvin learns of Sarah's scheme and tries to convince her to go back to the restaurant and explain what happened. After a little resistance, Sarah and her friends find themselves back at Chez Paris washing dishes in order to pay the bill. Marvin comments that Sarah's decision to "do the right thing" was pretty sophisticated.


  • Sarah Geronimo
  • Gabby Concepcion as Sarah's dad
  • Mommy Divine-Geronimo as Sarah's mom
  • Marvin Agustin
  • Anja Aguilar
  • John Lloyd Cruz
  • Shy Carlos
  • Jonah Laurens
  • Brod Pete
  • Dingdong Avanzado as Nadine's dad
  • AJ Muhlach
  • Chef Tristan Encarnacion
  • Chef Rob Pengson


  • Believe (April Rose) - Sarah Geronimo
  • I Need You (DDR Supa Fova feat. Jenny F) - Sarah Geronimo
  • There is Life (Bambi II) - Sarah Geronimo
  • Taking it to the Sky (U1 feat. Tammy S. Hansen) - Sarah Geronimo

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