In this episode, Puppy abandons Sarah to live with JC De Vera.



  • JC Wow Gary! A sleepover! Ngayon stay up till late and panonood ng scary pelikula, at kumain ng popcorn, and paglaro ng board games!
  • Sarah: Gee, Mark sure is happy about this sleepover (while Sarah says ito, Mark repeatedly says, "blah blah blah blah") JC: And then we'll gumawa ng house of cards, at bumabasa sa comic books... Sarah: Opo, ang dalawang have a good time. I'll see you bukas. JC: Blah blah, blah blah blah blah, blah...
  • Sarah: Would you like Fresh Scent o Heavy Du...
  • JC: Ikaw sino yan. Sarah: Du.. Du...Du...(cries) DUTY!!!!! Puppy, please come home! I'm a wreck without you!
  • Sarah: Oh, Puppy I knew you never leave me! Aww. Let's take a walk, pal.
  • JC: Puppy? Ikaw ang mga itong ESPESYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAL!!!!!!

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