• Sarah Geronimo
  • Gabby Concepcion as Sarah's dad
  • Christoper De Leon as Man Officer
  • Mommy Divine-Geronimo as Sarah's mom
  • Nadine Lustre
  • Shy Carlos
  • Janella Salvador
  • Abby Bautista
  • Johan Laurens
  • Dina Bonnevie as Meg Imperial’s mother
  • IC Mendoza
  • Dingdong Avanzado as Nadine Lustre’s father
  • Bella Flores as Jasmine Curtis-Smith’s mother
  • Ella Cruz
  • Maricel Soriano as Woman Officer
  • Brod Pete
  • Ezekiel Gabriel
  • Willie Revillame as TV Host Announcer
  • Sunshine Grace
  • BJ Forbes
  • Mr. Fu (Jeffrey Espiritu)
  • Eula Caballero
  • Meg Imperial


  • Life is a Fairytale - Sarah Geronimo
  • My Love (NM feat. Melissa Petty) - Sarah Geronimo
  • I Need to Know (Barbie) - Sarah Geronimo
  • Higher (NM feat. Sunny) - Sarah Geronimo
  • Have You Ever - Sarah Geronimo
  • Time (NM feat. Aleisha G) - Sarah Geronimo
  • Fly to the Sky - Sarah Geronimo

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