In this episode, Sarah Geronimo and her friends invites to go to the house party.

Time cards shown:Edit

  • 3 Days Later
  • Opening Presents



  • All I Want is Everything (Victorious: Locked Up) - Sarah Geronimo
  • Making Faces (ChalkZone) - Sarah Geronimo
  • Escape (U1 & Krystal B) - Sarah Geronimo
  • Life is a Fairytale - Sarah Geronimo
  • Believe (April Rose) - Sarah Geronimo
  • Time (NM feat. Aleisha G) - Sarah Geronimo
  • I Need You (DDR Supa Fova feat. Jenny F) - Sarah Geronimo
  • Rock the Runway (Barbie)
  • Hold Tight (800 slopes) - Sarah Geronimo
  • Summer Sunshine (Barbie) - Sarah Geronimo and Pop Girls

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