In this episode, Cesar Montano gets his own television show.


The episode begins with Cesar Montano waking up at 5:00 a.m. to watch Popstar vs. Aliens. But it is canceled and replaced with AJ Muhlach. Cesar Montano then finds out they give shows to anyone. He then calls the network and gets his own T.V. show. He is next seen at the TV5 waiting to leave. Sarah overhears him talking and asks why he is so jittery. But Cesar Montano plugs up his ears and leaves before Sarah can ask. Mark is at his house preparing for Cesar Chat. But Sarah finds out and rushes to Cesar Montano's house to tell him. Then he brings Rico Dela Paz in and they start messing up the show. Mark tells them to leave, but they just plain refuse. John Lloyd then becomes the cameraman and Sarah controls the microphone, but they make it even worse. Aga Muhlach finds out and uses the show as free Jollibee advertisement. Nadine Lustre watches and soon starts dancing on the show. Then Sarah Geronimo watches and decides to use her dancing. Mr. Fu watches and thinks he could cause more damage with his ray gun. Then the entire set is ruined. Mark tells them all to leave and asks them if this is some sort of house warming. Larry overhears it and everybody comes in and that is the end of Cesar Chat. The producer comes in and tells Cesar Montano that the show is going great but kicks a few people out including Cesar Montano. The show is renamed DaHouse Party, which does not include Mark. Instead it has AJ Mulach as The Guitar Lord. It also has Patrick on the drums, Anja Aguilar and Sarah Geronimo as back-up dancers, BJ Forbes on the Electric Piano, Aga Muhlach as advertisement, and Plankton as the special effects master. And the worst part is, Cesar Montano can't sleep.

Time/Date: 5:00 AM and 5:00 P.M


  • Sarah Geronimo
  • Anja Aguilar
  • Cesar Montano
  • Rico Dela Paz
  • Aga Muhlach
  • AJ Muhlach as The Guitar Lord
  • BJ Forbes
  • Mr. Fu (Jeffrey Espiritu)
  • Gabby Concepcion as Sarah's dad
  • Mommy Divine-Geronimo as Sarah's mom
  • Richard Gomez
  • Lucy Torres-Gomez
  • Manny P. Pangilinan (TV5 chairman)


  • I Need to Know (Barbie) - Sarah Geronimo
  • Two Voices, One Song (Barbie) - Sarah Geronimo and Nadine Lustre

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