In this episode, after Mommy Divine-Geronimo videotapes popstar princess Sarah Geronimo and friends walking and talking, she calls a news station to prove she isn't crazy with proof from the tape. Now, they try to interrupt the broadcast see their everyday anthropomorphic behavior (and fulfill their dreams of becoming famous television stars).


  • Sarah Geronimo
  • Gabby Concepcion as Sarah's dad
  • Mommy Divine-Geronimo as Sarah's mom
  • Ezekiel Gabriel
  • Anja Aguilar
  • Sunshine Grace
  • Abby Bautista
  • Ella Cruz
  • Nadine Lustre
  • Rose Van Ginkel
  • Shy Carlos
  • Dennis Padilla
  • Alex Gonzaga
  • IC Mendoza
  • Johan Laurens
  • Nova Villa as Grandma
  • Chris Salcedo of RPM
  • Carl Trazo of RPM
  • Vince Yap of RPM
  • Pio Balbuena of RPM
  • Christopher de Leon as Man Officer
  • Maricel Soriano as Woman Officer
  • Eula Caballero
  • Jasmine Curtis-Smith
  • JC De Vera
  • Zoren Legaspi as JC De Vera’s father
  • Mr. Fu
  • Rico Dela Paz
  • Bobby Andrews
  • Juliana Torres-Gomez
  • Lucy Torres-Gomez
  • Richard Gomez
  • John Lapus
  • John Lloyd Cruz
  • Charlie Green
  • Brod Pete
  • Willie Revillame as TV Host Announcer


  • I Need To Know (Barbie) - Sarah Geronimo
  • Time (NM feat. Aleisha G) - Sarah Geronimo
  • My Love (NM feat. Melissa Petty) - Sarah Geronimo
  • Believe (April Rose) - Sarah Geronimo
  • Have You Ever - Sarah Geronimo
  • Higher (NM feat. Sunny) - Sarah Geronimo
  • Party At a Rich Dude's House - Sarah Geronimo
  • I Need You (DDR Supa Fova feat. Jenny F) - Sarah Geronimo
  • You Can Tell She's A Princess (Reann Peters) - Sarah Geronimo
  • Summer Sunshine (Barbie) - Sarah Geronimo and Pop Girls
  • Get Your Sparkle On - Sarah Geronimo
  • Hold Tight (800 slopes) - Sarah Geronimo
  • Taking it to the Sky (U1 feat. Tammy S. Hansen) - Sarah Geronimo
  • Life is A Fairytale (Barbie) - Sarah Geronimo

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