In this episode, Willie Revillame falls in love with Sharon Cuneta.

Time cards shown:Edit

  • A Few Moments Later


  • Sarah Geronimo
  • Gabby Concepcion as Sarah's dad
  • Willie Revillame as TV Host Announcer
  • Aga Muhlach
  • Sharon Cuneta
  • Johan Laurens
  • Dennis Padilla


  • Sarah: "SANDALi! HINDI TANONG AKO!! Ako ng takbo down ng store at buy Megastar Sharon something she doesn't need! Ngayon akong takbo balik dito ay pelikula ito" (imitates Willie Revillame and looks likes Willie Revillame with the eyes), "Arr, Willie, ang spending lahat ako ng pera!". Then I'll say "Bat Willie Revillame, Nalang doing anong YOU SAID!!!!!!". Then you'll say "Hindi nag-usapan about ito" (Saarah draws a square in the air with his fingers), "o ito" (draws a triangle in the air with his fingers and starts to get frustrated), "USAPANG NGAYONG ITTTTTO!" (He draws scribbles all over the screen until the whole screen is black.)
  • Sarah Well Willie, do you wanna know what I think? AAAAHH! Regga Fleeba Brecka Brecka Smullen-ullen Willie!! Yegga Hegga mergin Wallet! Dimmy Middy Spend! Rivy Flivy Diva Shiva Willie Revillame Wallet ng Wil Tower Mall! (he angrily storms off to his pineapple muttering under his breath)
  • Sharon: (After Sarah's rant is done), "Hindi ko alam Sarah ang colorful vocabulary..."

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