Sign-On PrayerEdit

After the Philippine National Anthem for Lupang Hinirang, the sign-on prayer is started, before sign-on notice. After that, the sign-on notice before the music videos.

  • Morning has just begun.
  • Let us awaken to the challenges of a new day.
  • God, show us the wonder of your great love.
  • You, who saved by your right hand,
  • Those who seek refuge in You.
  • Keep up in the shadow of your wings,
  • From the wicked who assail us.
  • Grant us patience to overcome petty intigues,
  • Courage, to rise from our mistakes
  • And strength to face the challenges,
  • As we search for the truth in our daily undertakings.
  • Help us to be at peace, O Lord,
  • With ourselves, the world and You.
  • Amen.

Sign-Off PrayerEdit

After the music videos, the sign-off prayer, before the Philippine National Anthem for Lupang Hinirang. After that, the sign-off notice before the test card.

  • As we end another day, O Lord.
  • We thank You for your unfailing help.
  • Protection and guidance,
  • As we rest from the day's work.
  • Grant us the peace of mind.
  • Inspire in us a full heart,
  • A renew a steadfast spirit within us,
  • That we may awaken refreshed and
  • Ready for the challenges of another day.
  • Deliver us from sins, and open our hearts
  • To forgiveness and reconciliation.
  • Continue to shower Your blessings on us
  • And our families.
  • And preserve the unity in our nation.
  • Amen.

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