Hiligaynon Broadcasting System is the largest regional radio network in the Philippines with almost 30  company-owned AM & FM radio stations located at the central Philippines.

HBS StationsEdit

Western VisayasEdit

Branding Callsign Frequency Power (kW) Location
Astig 103 DYXI-FM 104.7 10kW

Metro Iloilo

Branding CallSign Freq Power Location
Astig 104 DYXI-FM 104.7 10 kw Metro Iloilo
Astig 107 DYXK-FM 107.7 5 kw Kalibo, Aklan
Astig 105 DYXE-FM 105.3 5 kw Roxas City
Astig 90 DYXA-FM 90.5 5 kw San Jose, Antique
Astig 103 DYXN-FM 103.9 10 kw Metro Bacolod
Kilig 88 DYHI-FM 88.3 10 kw Metro Iloilo
Pinoy 103 DYRP-FM 103.1 10 kw Metro Bacolod
Kilig 98 DYBH-FM 98.7 5 kw Boracay Island
Kilig 88 DZKY-FM 88.7 10 kw Tagaytay City

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