Monday-Friday (with DWIZ simulcast from 4 am-10:30 am, 11:30 am-5:30 pm)

4 am - Balitang Todo Lakas (with Rolly Gonzalo)
5 am - Balitang Todo Lakas (with Rolly Gonzalo and Jaymark Dagala)
6 am - Ratsada Balita (with Alex Santos)
7 am - IZ Balita Nationwide (Morning Edition) (Alex Santos and Ralph Obina)
8 am - Karambola (Jonathan Dela Cruz, Jojo Robles, Conrad Banal and Prof. Antonio Contreras)
10 am - Yes Yes Yo Topacio (with Atty. Ferdinand Topacio)
11 am - Star na Star sa DWIZ (Pete Ampoloquio, Jr., Peter Ledesma and Papa Umang)
12 nn - IZ Balita Nationwide (Tanghaling Edisyon) (Ralph Obina)
12:30 pm -
Mon & Wed: Pilipinas Ngayon Na (with Robert T. Rivera and Lolly Acosta)
Tues, Thurs & Fri: In the Heart of Business (Ron Merk, Bong Osorio, Marou Pahati Sarne and Cynthia Villar)
1:30 pm - Love, Memories and Music (with Edwin Eusebio)
2 pm - Star na Star sa DWIZ (Pete Ampoloquio, Jr. and Peter Ledesma)
3 pm - Doble Banda (Rene Jose and Rey Pacheco)
4 pm - IZ Balita Nationwide (Afternoon Edition) (Edwin Eusebio and Meann Tabio)
5 pm - Balita Na… Serbisyo Pa… (Jun del Rosario and Mariboy Ysibido)
6 pm - Radyo Ronda Balita
6:30 pm - Arangkada Balita (hook-up with RPN)
7:15 pm - Ratsada sa Radyo Ronda (Madam Ratsa de Guzman)
8 pm - Basta Chismis (showbiz talk show) (Pat-P Daza Planas)
9 pm - Noche de Ronda (public affairs show) (Melo del Prado)
10:30 pm - Radyo Ronda Balita
11 pm to 4 am - Radyo FM


4 am - Bukid Sa Himpapawid (Antonio “Ka Tunying” Santos)
5 am - Ely Morning (Ely Aligora)
6 am - IZ Balita Nationwide Sabado with Mariboy Ysibido and Ralph Obina
7 am - Siyasat with Alex Santos
8 am - Sapol ni Jarius Bondoc (Jarius Bondoc and Ms. Marissa)
10 am - Mr. Taxman with Gerry Flores and Cely Ortega-Bueno
11 am - Labanan Para sa Karapatan (with Atty. Lorna Kapunan)
12 nn - IZ Balita Nationwide Sabado with Raoul Esperas and Cely Ortega-Bueno
12:30 pm - Balitang NAIA (with Raoul Esperas)
1 pm - Deretsuhan sa Graphic
2 pm - Usapang Senado (with Cely Ortega-Bueno)
3 pm - Balitang 882 (with Jaymark Dagala)
4 pm - IZ Balita Nationwide Sabado with Jaymark Dagala and Jonathan Andal)
5 pm - Radyo FM
7 pm - Radyo Ronda Balita Weekend (Jude Turcuato)
7:30 pm - Boses Tinig Pinoy sa Radio (national singing contest) (Aileen Papin and Anthony Castelo)
9 pm to 4 am - Radyo FM


4 am - Bukid Sa Himpapawid (Antonio “Ka Tunying” Santos)
5 am - Ecclesia in Asia (Mnsgr. S. Vengco)
6 am - IZ Balita Nationwide Linggo with Drew Nacino
7 am - TNT: Todong Nationwide Talakayan (with Rolly Gonzalo and Aileen Taliping)
9 am - OH IZ (with Edwin Eusebio)
9:30 am - Sunday TV Mass (simulcast over RPN)
10:30 am - Kalusugang Kaka-Bilib (Marou Pahati Sarne)
12 nn - IZ Balita Linggo with with Edwin Eusebio and Aileen Taliping
12:30 pm - Uy, Ganyan ang Tama (Maricell Gaskell and Marou Pahati Sarne)
1 pm - Sunday Memories (Edwin Eusebio)
3 pm - Senior Citizens Forum (Meng Canlas and Noli Villafuerte)
4 pm - IZ Balita Nationwide with Edwin Eusebio and Avee Devierte
4:30 pm - Pasiklaban Sa DWIZ (with Mar Lopez)
6 pm - Radyo FM
7 pm - Radyo Ronda Balita Weekend (Jude Turcuato)
7:30 pm - Radyo FM
8 pm - Boses Tinig Pinoy (simulcast on RPN)
9 pm to 4 am - Music FM

Radyo Ronda Manila HistoryEdit

On August 2013, it was found out that the set of investors are associated with Wilson Tieng, the chairman of Radio Philippines Network (sill in president of Solar Entertainment Corporation), Robert T. Rivera, the president and CEO of Radio Philippines Network and Marigold Haber-Dunca, the RPN news and public affairs head. Since August 22, 2011, DZKB-AM was on test broadcast, airing RPN's feed.

DZKB Radyo Ronda Manila 1422 kHz, RPN’s radio arm, was launched last April 1, 2013. His mission is to bring the glory of radio, which is radio sans images, since “Radio on TV” has become the new trend. He also launched RPN OB Van radio, a first in Philippine Radio history, in which it broadcast to a specific location via see thru OB Van studio vehicle.

RPN OB Van Radio Booth is Philippines’ First, Stuns MediamenEdit

Taking its first rolls on metro streets, RPN’s Radio Mobile Booth was spotted airing the live coverages of the country’s two biggest events this January, giving spectators and mediamen a sheer surprise.

On August 29, the same day it was launched, the radio-on-wheels aired live the Malacañang Press Conference with President Noynoy Aquino.

“Many mediamen were surprised when the Radio OB Van Booth make a stop at Senate, so I hope other networks will follow Wilson and Robert’s idea that they may genuinely provide government with truthful reporting," said AdSpeak President Lito Bamba in the vernacular. Bamba was commissioned to do the radio OB van booth project. Last September 4, the OB van radio also brought the actions of one of the largest fun run events ever organized and participated in by Filipinos live on air.

Another first in Philippine broadcasting by RPN and RPN news and public affairs head Marigold Haber-Dunca, the mobile radio was launched simultaneously with DZKB Radyo Ronda Manila (1422 kHz), Totoong-Totoo sa Radyo ng Pilipino (Honest to Honest in Radio of the Philippines) for first slogan and Ang Angkan ng Tagapagbalita (The Clan of the Herald) for second slogan, during the station’s kick-off party at RPN studios at the RPN Media Center in Boni Avenue, Mandaluyong City and the RPN Broadcast Center Complex (formerly Broadcast City) Capitol Hills, Old Balarra, Diliman, Quezon City.

The radio-on-wheels is RPN’s another vehicle to bring more government closer to people.

Marigold Haber explained how the public could benefit from the launch of the radio station OB van booth, saying, “If people see it parked in one area and they have some important announcements, they only need to knock and they will be assisted so they can air their announcements using our radio OB van booth.

The RPN Chairman Wilson Tieng, RPN President and CEO Robert T. Rivera and RPN News and Public Affairs Head Marigold Haber-Dunca also added that since the booth can be brought to where an actual event or happening is reeling, it would allow radio news anchors to report the events as they see them, thus, giving listeners more accurate information.

Both RPN Radyo Ronda and its mobile booth are part of Alex Tinsay’s media advocacy that started with Tulong Serbisyo Muna (Rescue Service First). Launched in August 2011, the new news tagline prioritizes rescue operations over news reporting. When the new news advocacy was launched, it brought forth RPN News and Rescue Team, the first Philippine media entity to undergo rescue training according to Dick Gordon, Philippines Red Cross Chairman and CEO. In less than 1 month, the advocacy also brought forth other pioneering media initiatives including RPN News and Rescue Command Center and the acquisition of several mobile and rescue vehicles.

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