March 3, 2013

It has been 53 years since one of the biggest network in the country was established. Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation or IBC now celebrates its silver anniversary in television. The Kapinoy anniversary event revealed in IBC-13's 53rd anniversary celebration in the best of anime and tokusatsu hits as IBC reached it's demanded ratings in a glory days. These are the classic tokusatsu hits of Super Sentai galore are Bioman, Shaider, Maskman, Turboranger, Jiban, Kamen Rider Black, Super Rescue Solbrain, Winspector, Machineman and Fiveman, and anime hits like Voltes V, Candy Candy, Battle Ball, Super Boink, Ghost Fighter, Time Quest, Starzinger, Tonde Boorin, Shuurato, Gaiking, Grendaizer UFO and Mazinger Z, some of the most famous shows in Philippine television lead the media industry.

Sari-Sari Kapinoy Store will be marketing almost every conceivable merchandise - shirts, pants, bags, towels, stickers, socks, caps, watches, rain gear, underwear, eyewear, shoes, trading cards, among other things. Viva Entertainment to do a priemtime slot on IBC, the number 3 leading station.

Now as Tokusatsu Kapinoy, starting last March 2 to be held Saturday at the IBC headquarters in Broadcast City, Capitol Hills, Diliman, Quezon City, featuring the IBC's classic tokusatsu and anime series in Japan who got higher ratings than the rest of the networks in a performance laced with anime and tokusatsu characters to your favorite Kapinoy programs, says IBC chairman Eric Canoy and IBC president and CEO Boots Anson-Roa along with board of directors, management and employees. Throughout the years, the network has undergone in a many changes on the ratings that has relaunched a new Viva-TV airing world-class, quality, top-rating, popular and award-winning homegrown programming on IBC.

After producing classic top-rating Kapinoy hit shows from the success of IBC Classics like Iskul Bukol, TODAS, Chicks to Chicks, etc., IBC will bring back airing of anime and tokusatsu series by 2013 as Tokusatsu Kapinoy. Meanwhile, Viva-TV continues to reign on IBC's primetime block from 5:00pm to 12:00mn slot, which is the home to the popular basketball tournament for the NBA and PBA games as well as its Viva programs while the Kapinoy programming with Express Balita and Ronda Trese is now a two of the longest-running Filipino flagship news programs in Philippine television history. Congratulations to the network and all part of The Kapinoy Network.

With our auditions and more sponsors like Regent Foods Corporation like Tempura, Regent Cakes, Snacku, Cheese Ring, Sakanami, Carter Brief and so much more to watching Tokusatsu.

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