Sapul Sa Singko
Created by TV5 Network, Inc.
Developed by News5  
Directed by Irco Cornel (Sapul sa Singko)
Mark Linchoa (Kumare Klub) 
Starring see Hosts
Country of origin Philippines
No. of episodes n/a (airs daily)
Executive producer(s) Icy Luzano (Sapul sa Singko)
Aida Salamat (Kumare Klub) 
Camera setup multicamera setup
Running time 6-hours and 30-minutes
Original channel TV5
Picture format 480iSDTV
Original airing June,25,2007-February,5,2012
Sapul sa Singko (EnglishBullseye on Five or Stricken on Five), formerly Sapul (EnglishBullseye or Stricken)  was a morning show of TV5. The show premiered on June,25,2007 as Sapul before it was expanded into a six-hour program from its former six-hour time on October 25,2010 and retitled Sapul-Sa-Singko.This show was replaced by Good Morning Club on February,6,2012.


Sapul was first aired on ABC-5 on June,25,2007 as the network's answer to ABS-CBN's Umagang Kay Ganda and GMA's Unang Hirit.Erwin Tulfo,Paolo Bediones,Martin Andanar,Lourd de Veyra,Grace Lee,Shawn Yao,Carlo Marasigan,Anne Curtis,Jasmine Curtis,Joe Marasigan,started-the-show as the-original-hosts.On October,25,2010,Sapul,was retitled as Sapul-Sa-Singko.Newly updated graphics have been shown to it.This was also the day Kim Atienza,Chiqui Roa-Puno.Mike Templo.Amy Perez.joined the cast. A new OBB was also launched again coinciding the return of the official theme song of TEN: The Evening News, entitled "Astro" by Radioactive Sago Project,and from it became 6-hours,beginning at 4:00-10:00am.On November,8,2010, the main news portion of the show began its simulcast on radio thru Radyo5 92.3 News FM in Mega Manila for thirty minutes from 4:00-6:00am.On February,21,2011,Sapul-Sa-Singko,started its simulcast on AksyonTV.On September,5, 2011,Sapul-Sa-Singko,cuts the time from 5-hours to 1-hours to give way to its spin-off show Kumare-Klub which also hosted-by Amy Perez,Chiqui Roa-Puno, and Tintin Babao.On-September,26,2011,Cheryl Cosim joined the cast as a replacement for Erwin Tulfo.On February,5,2012, Sapul sa Singko ended its final episode to give way for Good Morning Club.



Sapul Sa SingkoEdit

  • Word Of The Lourd (Lourd de Veyra; appears once a week)
  • Makata on the Spot (Makata Tawanan)
  • Rapido Meals - Recipe of the day (Lourd de Veyra) formerly known as Lutong Sapul
  • Love Hurts - Short drama presentation & Love advices (Martin Andanar, Lourd de Veyra, Paolo Bediones and Amy Perez)
  • Tibok ng Bayan - Love Hurts on the Street (Ariel Villasanta)
  • Gwaping in the Morning - Real Mans Lifestyle (Martin Andanar, Paolo Bediones, Lourd de Veyra and Atty. Mike Templo)
  • Active Mornings (Lia Cruz)
  • Poging Balita - Good News (Atty. Mike Templo)
  • Balitang-Sapul - News (Available only at 6:00-9:00) - Anchored by Martin Andanar,Chiqui-Roa PunoPaolo Bediones and Amy Perez
  • Tinamaan ng Sapul - Police Reports
  • Balitang Iba Pa - Feature News  (Lourd de Veyra)
  • Probinsyang Sapul - Provincial and Regional News
  • Sports Sapul - Sports News (Lia Cruz)
  • Sapul Around the World - Foreign News (Atty. Mike Templo and Shawn Yao)
  • Showbiz Chis-Mwah - Showbiz News (Patricia Fernandez)
  • Traffic Sapul - Traffic Update (Ariel Villasanta)
  • Alagang Kapatid - A Siblings Touch
  • Talo-Panalo - Discussion on the hottest issues of the day
  • Usapang Sapul - Interview (Paolo Bediones and the guests personalities)
  • Aksyon Weather - Weather Forecast

Kumare KlubEdit

  • Angel Rowda On The Go (Rowda Magnaye)
  • Chiqui Chiqui Dance (Amy Perez, Tintin Babao and Chiqui Roa-Puno)
  • Fashionistang Mudra (Tintin Babao and Renee Salud)
  • Kumare Chika (Amy Perez, Tintin Babao and Chiqui Roa-Puno)
  • Kumare Tips (Amy Perez, Tintin Babao and Chiqui Roa-Puno)
  • Luto Na Ba T'yang? (Amy Perez)
  • OK Ka Lang? (Chiqui Roa-Puno)
  • Pera Pera Lang (Chinkee Tan)
  • ParenTin (Tintin Babao)

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