Saturday Night Live (formerly known as Saturday Night Live with Jorel Tan) is a late night variety show aired every Saturday evenings by ZTV 33 and produced by ZTV Entertainment TV Division. The show became popular Saturday Night Live as the program airs at midnight.


Early yearsEdit

The show was originally titled Saturday Night Live. It premiered as a late-night variety talk show. It had some elements similar to American talk shows like The Late Show with David Letterman and Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Saturday Night Live was Jorel Tan's trademark during his reign as one of television's top TV hosts.

From live to tapedEdit

Saturday Night Live with Jorel Tan was present home aired live at the ZTV Studios at Strata 2000 in Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines. Airing time varies from 11 pm at the earliest to 12 midnight at the latest on Saturday night. Running time was usually two to two hours, depending on the availability of big-name guests, it had to do away with live broadcast and instead presented taped episodes. The taping usually occurs every other Friday, shooting two episodes from 5 pm to 2 am, depending on the number of guests. The taped episodes now run from one and a half-hour to two hours, ending not later than 1 in the morning.

Re-branding of the showEdit

In 2010, Saturday Night Live was incorporated in the show title. The move was welcomed since through the years, Saturday Night Live has hosting Jorel Tan was joined by newest sexier star Aimee Bernice Unson as the main host. The new official program title, Saturday Night Live sounded more catchy than its according to some showbiz insiders. It also had a dance-themed opening song performed by Aimee Bernice Unson.




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