Sta. Zita At Si Mary Rose is a Sunday afternoon program aired on ZTV 33.

"Sta. Zita At Si Mary Rose" evolved into a television drama anthology from a counseling program on radio with the same title, originally aired on ZTV's AM station Radyo Pinas 1044. It was presented by the late television/radio personality Santa Zita and Shelly Espeleta as Mary Rose Jacinto. Each episode is based on the life of a letter sender.

Music themeEdit

The opening theme for the show was the taglish theme song called "One Upon A Time", composed and written by Ryan Cayabyab and performed by teen star Angelicah Romero, was always used as background music while Santa Zita and Shelly Espeleta delivered the narration and her final advice to the letter-sender.

About the showEdit

In 2011, the program transformed from a television drama anthology to a radio program. Among some of the stars appeared on this program's episodes are: Nora Aunor, Buddy Zamora, John D. Borra, Jorel Tan, Rannie Raymundo, Mommy Dionisia, Richard Quan, Precious Lara Quigaman, Jun Urbano, Vangie Labalan, Leo Martinez, Bong Revilla, Jr. and Jed Montero.

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