The Family That Prays Together Stays TogetherEdit

Main article: TV5 (Philippines) The Family That Prays Together Stays Together

Please Pray the RosaryEdit

Main article: TV5 (Philippines) Please Pray the Rosary

February 21, 1992-December 31, 1999Edit

January 1, 2000-April 15, 2001Edit

April 16, 2001-September 26, 2004Edit

Rosary PrayerEdit

Main article: TV5 (Philippines) Rosary Prayer

The Choice is Yours!Edit

Main article: TV5 (Philippines) The Choice is Yours!

September 27, 2004-August 8, 2008Edit

August 9, 2008-April 3, 2010Edit

April 4, 2010-presentEdit

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